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Pancake with OMON

Maslenichnye of a walk transferred by the capital government since Thursday on Sunday, have passed under the planned scenario. In a column striding from the Triumphal area, was not ordinary townspeople, and police officers more. On sidewalks there was also a protection of boutiques on Tver. The input on Vasilevsky descent from Red Square too has been blocked by militiamen. To get on blinnoe show, the column of townspeople has crossed Nikolsky street, Ilyinka and only in half an hour it has appeared at the metal detectors protected by the dress of OMON. Visitors of show passed through detectors, felt manually and forced to show contents of packages - so that on tables near metal detectors the pile of bottles with lemonade and beer after a while has grown. To distract OMON fighters it was possible only to the kid at whom the balloon has burst. will blow up so will blow up - the twenty years` young man from turn has reacted to a sound of the blown off sphere. The Muscovites who have passed cordons of militia, could eat pancakes in numerous coffee houses and blinnyh, take a look at volunteers - the culinary specialists, making record heights a pile of pancakes, and to listen to deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky whom, pamjatuja about tradition of last day of the Pancake week - Proshchenogo of Sunday, has asked pardons for Muscovites and in the face of crowd has independently baked a pancake, dexterously coping with a frying pan.