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First signs has departed on the south

Today visit of the governor of St.-Petersburg Valentines Matvienkos to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kirghizia begins. In a choice of a route Matvienko`s madam partly imitates Vladimir Putin who has made the first foreign visit as the president of the Russian Federation to Central Asia. The mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak left exclusively to Europe. Governor Vladimir Jakovlev has quickly caught a syndrome of Sobchaka and only in 1997 has undertaken 15 foreign trips. Neither that nor another, truth, and have not visited Central Asia - unlike Vladimir Putin who has gone to first presidential hundred days to Tashkent and Ashkhabad. Considering that the first official visit to the president Putin was put the head of Finland by Tarja Halonen (and the head of Petersburg has just returned from the first foreign trip as the governor from Finland), it is possible to notice that Valentina Matvienko builds the international contacts strictly on the federal sample.
the departure of the Petersburg delegation has been planned for yesterday evening, however it have postponed till the morning from - for bad weathers in capital of Kazakhstan to Astana the one-day program of stay in which will be cut now by half. Next two days Matvienko`s madam will spend in Turkmenistan, and last - on February, 20th - in Kirghizia. According to the governor, the trip purpose - to provide reception possibility with the city enterprises of additional orders as in the European market not all our production is competitive, and here in the CIS countries it will be more claimed . Together with Valentina Matvienko the impressive delegation goes to Central Asia. In its structure and the chairman of committee on Nadezhda Kushchenkova culture - it prepares for April Days of culture of Petersburg in Alma - Ate (in which the Maryinsky Theater and the Hermitage, in particular, will take part). Business - community is represented by heads of the brewing company Baltic Petersburg Promstrojbanka, the Kirov factory, concern Power machines Trading - industrial chamber and even more 50 companies.
with turkmenbashi Saparmuratom Niyazov who has ended in due time the Leningrad polytechnical institute, Matvienko`s madam will meet in day of its birth on February, 19th, coinciding with the main national holiday of Turkmenistan - Day of National flag. Under the information, Matvienko`s madam till last moment could not choose a gift - whether two porcelain vases made in Italy, whether a copy of table service of Peter I from the dark blue cobalt glass, executed on the remained sketches in Petersburg.
the Turkmen press enthusiastically responds about visit of the madam of Matvienko - it already named first signs as to it Ashkhabad was not visited by any regional head. Except the president of Turkmenistan Matvienko`s madam will meet from premieres - ministers of Kirghizia and Kazakhstan. With the last negotiations about deliveries to Petersburg grains are planned. ANNA PUSHKARSKY,
the Golden Age of Turkmenistan for the Petersburg governor
Valentina Matvienko`s Interest to Ashkhabad speaks also the scale project, which by request of the state concern turkmenneft realises Open Society the Vyborg ship-building factory (Representatives of the enterprise will be in Ashkhabad simultaneously with Matvienko`s madam). As already wrote, in the autumn of last year vyborzhtsy have won the tender for building on the bank of Caspian sea, around border with Iran, versatile port the Golden Age of Turkmenistan . Till 2010 on jugo - the country West it is planned to erect terminals for oil and gas transfer, and also passenger station. Project cost yet is not called. It is known only that the payment part will make Turkmenistan gas, and is possible, and oil. Just during visit of the madam of Matvienko of the party should be defined definitively with the payment scheme. Matvienko`s madam will directly not participate in negotiations, calculation becomes on its political weight and support of president Putin known for all.