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The question price

an observer
formally present crisis in relations between Russia and the European union has arisen from - for unwillingness of Moscow automatically to extend to ten recruits of EU the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. Actually the reason of disagreements is deeper. Europe is, seemingly, ready to call into question the aspiration declared by Russia to correspond to the European values and to spend the foreign policy based on the standard norms.
Moscow, of course, could give it simply up as a bad job and be guided by a principle a pier, ourselves with moustaches . But the price of such behaviour can become for Russia enough high. And not only as a result of possible sanctions from Europe. Many actions of Moscow on the international scene, called, apparently, to show its weight and influence, frequently leave sideways to her.
When yesterday in Bruxelles Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the European Union composed the ultimatum of Russia, in Minsk a number of the opposition parties which have united in the European coalition Free Belarus began campaign for petition under the slogan I, the citizen of Byelorussia, support integration RB into the European union . Initiators expect to collect not less than one million signatures. Head Belarus sotsial - democratic party the National bulk Nikolay Statkevich has directly declared: Belarus is before a choice: through 10 - 15 years it to appear on a threshold of the European union or as a part of Russia . Initiators of campaign do not hide that an occasion to its carrying out became gas war declared by Moscow to Minsk. Russia like also has achieved acceptance of its requirements by Alexander Lukashenko, but by this victory there can be an accelerated march of Belarus on the West.
Moscow Celebrated a victory and in fight for Tuzla which it in the end of the last year conducted with brotherly Ukraine. Moscow like would receive that wanted: Kiev had to agree that warships of the third countries will come now into sea of Azov only from the joint consent of Russia and Ukraine, and the Russian military ships can come there when will want. However after fight for Tuzla quantity of the Ukrainians negatively concerning to moskaljam has grown, according to some polls, almost on a quarter.
perhaps, the demarche of the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Prague Nikolay Ryabov in April, 1997 became the vivid example of similar actions of Moscow. It has threatened Czechia in case of the introduction into the NATO with an interdiction for deliveries of the Russian gas. Czechs were frightened so that there and then have refused gas from Russia and have concluded the contract with Norway. And though the Norwegian gas has appeared more expensively Russian, Prague has preferred independence of east neighbour. Moscow a demarche of the ambassador has achieved nothing: Czechia has entered the NATO, and Russia has lost about $5 billion
While the similar logic will get the best in foreign policy actions of Moscow, its declared victories will or have too high price, or in general in actual fact to appear pirrovymi.