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Match UGMK - Gambrinus it is transferred

Today in Ekaterinburg should to pass a starting match chetvertfinalnoj series of female Euroleague between commands UGMK and Gambrinus (Brno), however under the decision of the International federation of basketball (FIBA) it will not take place. Game while is transferred - for March, 9th, however it can be and in general is cancelled. The definitive verdict depends on results of the investigation which have begun on Friday of passport scandal in which two players of the Ural club - Americans Iolanda Griffit and DeLisha Milton are involved, acting in the championship of this year as Georgians.
as already informed , scandal has inflamed last week simultaneously from two the centres . In Russia on navodke the owner of Samara command VBM - SGAU Andrey Ishchuka it has been established that the Russian passport, the received DeLishej Milton in December, 2003, has been given out it illegally. At the same time in Czechia a club management Gambrinus through the consul of Georgia has found out that numbers of the Georgian passports Milton and Griffit oddly coincide with numbers of other passports which have been given out some years ago Aliosmanu and Merjam Katamadze accordingly. These facts have given to contenders UGMK an occasion to protest results of matches foxes this season.
while the Russian basketball officials reflect what to do in the circumstances, FIBA has already started to operate: past Friday on demand of the Czech and French federations it has started own investigation. In this connection a starting match chetvertfinalnoj series of female Euroleague between commands UGMK and Gambrinus which should pass today in Ekaterinburg, is excellent.
the further destiny of the Ural club will be defined within the next few days. If FIBA will decide to punish not all command, but only separate players (that is Griffit and Milton), meetings UGMK - Gambrinus will take place 9, 12 and, in case of need, on March, 17th. If guilt of club, " is recognised; foxes can remove from competitions in general.
verdict FIBA should be taken out not later than tomorrow, differently to organise visit of a Czech team to Ekaterinburg it will be impossible for purely technical reasons.
in a press - centre BK UGMK have confirmed that game carrying over is connected by that Gambrinus has expressed doubts in authenticity of the Georgian passport centre UGMK Iolandy Griffit. As proof the Czech team has directed in FIBA the letter signed by the ambassador of Georgia in Czechia that number of the Georgian passport which have been given out by Griffit, ostensibly coincides with number of other passport which have been given out some years ago to the citizen of Georgia. To find out the given fact, FIBA has made an inquiry in passport service of Georgia. There have confirmed officially that the passport is given out Iolande Griffit lawfully - it is told in a press - release. As to scandal round the passport of the madam Milton, also delivery of the Russian citizenship to the American basketball player in UGMK on - former consider lawful.