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MPR has not handed over Talakan

Yesterday the head of department of licensing of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia Alexey Perepelkin has declared that MPR will continue to challenge the decision of arbitration court of Yakutia on delivery to Surgutneftegaz the long-term licence on Talakansky gazokondensatnoe a deposit (Yakutia). As he said, the complaint is already directed to appeal instance of the Yakut court. The former owner of the licence - Sahaneftegaz - does not exclude that a judgement in favour of MPR the outcome of negotiations " can affect not; with Surgutneftegaz about sale of an infrastructure of a deposit.
struggle for Talakansky neftegazokondensatnoe the deposit, which geological stocks make 124 million t oil and 47 mlrd cubic m of natural gas, is conducted since October of last year. We will remind that till October, 2003 the licence for working out of the Yakut deposit belonged to Open Society Lenaneftegaz - to a daughter The company supervised by YUKOS Sahaneftegaz . Open Society Lenaneftegaz has obtained this licence in 2001, having won auction. But from - that the enterprise could not pay the necessary sum for Talakan, the licence has been withdrawn.
the applicant for working out of the Yakut deposit was at once - the time licence for a period of one year (before repeated auction) has received NK Surgutneftegaz . But a bit later the Yakut arbitration court has obliged MPR and the government of Yakutia to give out to Surgutneftegaz the constant licence for working out of a deposit for a period of 25 years without competition. Thus Surgutneftegaz has paid for it $61 million
Representatives Sahaneftegaza and after them MPR have tried to appeal against against this decision in appeal instance. However the claim Sahaneftegaza the court has not satisfied, and complaint MPR has returned in the ministry, referring that in it errors have been committed.
Meanwhile, Surgutneftegaz has already started active negotiations with Sahaneftegazom about attraction Yakut daughters YUKOS to the prospecting works spent by the Surgut company. As already wrote , Surgutneftegaz conditions and possibility of attraction of workers and technics of the company " interest; Lenaneftegaz for conducting prospecting drilling in the south of Yakutia.
new circumstances yesterday became known. As the head of department of licensing of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia Alexey Perepelkin has informed , MPR does not refuse judicial proceedings with Surgutneftegaz . As he said, the complaint about cancellation of the decision of the Yakut arbitration court which has given to Surgutneftegaz the long-term licence, it is already directed to appeal instance of the Yakut court. In arbitration court of Yakutia have informed that complaint MPR is not registered yet .
Meanwhile, in Surgutneftegaz do not plan to refuse the Yakut deposit. The company has already developed the plan on development of Talakana and now carries on negotiations with the former owner of the licence Sahaneftegazom about sale or rent of an infrastructure belonging to it for deposit working out. it is required to us during the current year, next year we will start to develop on Talakane the capacities - has noted a press - the secretary Surgutneftegaz Raisa Hodchenko. Though the vice-president Sahaneftegaza Vladimir Matveev has confirmed the fact of negotiations, but has specified: if the court passes the decision in favour of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, it can affect their result . Mister Matveev has refused more detailed comments.