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Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area is brought to serial murderers has brought accusation in serial murders to two sexual maniacs bossing in Magnitogorsk within 7 months. On their account not less than 8 brutal murders and rapes of young girls. In the Department of Internal Affairs of a city have not excluded that is fast it accusation on a number of articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation, including " will be brought; Rape .
the First murder in Magnitogorsk has been made in October, 2003: in militia the message on the found corpse of the girl has arrived. Killed there was a fifteen-year townswoman. Examination has shown that at first her have raped, have then strangled, and a body have tried to burn. Then a series of similar murders has followed still. Last corpse has been found out in January of this year. As have informed in the Department of Internal Affairs of Magnitogorsk, on waste ground, around settlement Tsementnik, the passer-by has found out the scorched corpse of the young woman. To establish the person killed it was possible not at once but only after in mass-media signs of the girl have been published. In militia parents lost which have identified the dvadtsatishestiletnjuju daughter Marina have called.
during the investigation it was possible to establish some similarity to three murders which have been revealed a bit earlier in drevne by Agapovka. These facts also have allowed to assume that this handwork either one murderer, or group - the employee has told a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Magnitogorsk Grigory Susarin. A week later police officers have detained suspected of murders.
two young men have appeared them: 22 - summer Pavel and 23 - summer Alexander, they are inhabitants of settlement Tsementnik. Their surnames in the city Department of Internal Affairs have refused to name, referring that the consequence is still finished. However it is known that Alexander in 2003 was released from imprisonment places where served time for theft and malicious hooliganism. It was found out that young men Worked in steam. During the investigation they admitted fulfilment of 8 murders four of which have made in territory of Magnitogorsk. While the consequence managed to establish persons only four victims.
accusation under article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation " is already brought to both suspects; Murder . However inspectors do not exclude that shortly to them will bring accusation on a number of articles, including under article 131 Rape .