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Miners left on the area

Yesterday about thousand miners of three liquidated mines of a city of Novoshakhtinsk ( Western a newspaper name Komsomol truth and Lenin`s name, and also it is mountain - concentrating factory Nesvetajsky ) And members of their families have spent a protest action on which have demanded to pay off it debts under the salary, delivery pajkovogo coal, to provide the social guarantees provided by the Russian legislation. The general debts under the salary Rostovuglja has passed 200 million roubles, proprietors while are ready to pay no more than 40 million roubles.
as have informed in Rostov terkome Rosugleprofsojuza, about thousand persons with posters and the headers saying: Miners left on the area because were tired to creep in a lap - have marched on the centre of Novoshakhtinsk and have arranged meeting at a monument to heroes - to miners. On it the reference which its participants intend to direct to regional and federal enforcement authorities was accepted. The requirement till March, 10th in circulation contains to extinguish in full debts under the salary to miners of Novoshakhtinsk coal basin (an order 36 - 37 million roubles). Besides, miners demand to provide performance of social guarantees - payment of sick-lists and charge of the future pensions.

as have informed in terkome, Open Company the Company Rostovugol renting within two years these mines at Open Society Rostovugol over a year did not make deductions in fund sotsstraha and did not list for workers payments in a pension fund that subsequently can affect charge of pensions to miners and payments to it under sick-lists.

simultaneously miners demand to solve and city environmental problems - mine. In particular, to spend rekultivatsiju already it is a lot of years of waste heaps of 11 mines closed in the beginning of re-structuring of coal branch of East Donbass burning round a city. Means for it have been provided the FEASIBILITY REPORT (tehniko - economic justifications) the liquidated enterprises, but till now and have not arrived in regions. Also after failure on Koshkinsky water outflow (area of mine of Lenin) necessary hydroconstructions and pump stations, from - for what in Novoshakhtinsk zataplivajutsja cellars are not constructed, the bases of apartment houses that threatens shortly with habitation final fracture swim up.

the main problem in a monoindustrial city where with mountain branch before reforming have been connected more than 40 thousand persons, after closing of all coal enterprises there is an employment of 1100 miners.

as the chairman terkoma Rosugleprofsojuza Vladimir Katalnikov has told , the protest action has been planned for February, 18th after news that at session MVK on socially - to economic problems of coal-mining regions in Moscow representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation have refused to repay to miners debts under the salary gone bankrupt Rostovuglja . After visit for Don Minister of labour and social development Alexander Pochinka promising by March, 1st to find means for the salary, its carrying out have decided to postpone. However, on expression of mister Katalnikova, promises Repairing have appeared an empty phrase .

At the same time as have informed in regional administration, past Friday the minister of the industry, fuel and power of the Rostov region Sergey Nazarov has carried on negotiations with the representative of the proprietor of Open Company the Company Rostovugol holding Russian coal its former general director Vadim Varshavsky. According to the report of this meeting, till March, 12th Russian coal will pay money to workers GOF and miners Western and Lenin, till March, 27th - Komsomol truth (about 23 million roubles).

Nevertheless as have informed in terkome Rosugleprofsojuza, on March, 10th the protest action in Novoshakhtinsk will be renewed. And for March, 3rd carrying out of such action in the Mine city is planned.