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Kuzbas has reduced the coal price

In the end of the past week the power of the Kemerovo region and representatives of the coal industry have held the meeting devoted to level of a traumatism in branch. As a result of discussion work of proprietors and heads of the coal enterprises in sphere of safety of work in 2003 has been recognised “ inefficient and insufficient “. To lower number unfortunate a case on manufacture, it was recommended to coal miners, in particular, “ to rejuvenate personnel structure of mines “ “ to increase financings of actions for maintenance of safe working conditions “. However, it hardly can correct statistics of 2004 - from the beginning of year in Kuzbas 15 miners were lost already.
In 2003 at the enterprises of the coal industry of Kuzbas 2154 persons have been injured, 61 from them was lost (53 - on underground works). Fatal accidents are noted on 23 mines and 8 cuts. Has occurred 16 failures connected with explosions and flashes of methane (in 2002 - 13 cases) because of which 22 miners were lost. The material damage from failures has made 133,4 million rbl. - almost in 3 times more than in 2002.

the Meeting was opened by vice-governor Anatoly Djupin. It has begun the performance optimistically, having noticed that branch re-structuring “ it was positively reflected in a breakdown susceptibility and traumatism condition “. Instead of the closed old mines 7 mines and 11 cuts are constructed and is under construction 17 more coal-mining enterprises equipped with the modern equipment, in 2,5 times productivity of clearing faces has grown. According to mister Djupina, over 40 % of underground coal mining last year have carried out brigades - “ millionaires “ on which share it was necessary only 4 % of cases of a traumatism in mines, - in 10 times it is less, than on the average in pool mines.
Then mister Djupin has passed to problems which, despite efforts of the authorities, do not give in to the decision. He has informed that the number of explosions of methane and a coal dust in 2003 has increased, but decontamination of coal layers and building of modern schemes of airing in mines of Kuzbas are made in insufficient volume. Investigation of the reasons of recent failures on mines “ Ziminka “ in Prokopevsk and “ Siberian “ in Anzhero Sudzhensk has shown that the personnel of mines is badly prepared for such incidents, often does not know what to do in case of failure, supposes  destruction of people. In this respect the vice-governor has shown claims to all miners - from the miner to the chief engineer.
the following the word was received by the chief of Kuznetsk district of Gosgortekhnadzor Victor Hramtsov. It too has begun with good, having mentioned that death rate in recalculation on 1 million t the extracted coal has decreased about 0,56 persons in 1998 to 0,42 in 2003. However, mister Hramtsov has there and then added, as this “ 10 times more, than in the developed countries “. The head of Gosgortekhnadzor in Kuzbas has noted “ the criminal fact of infringement of safety precautions “ on mines therefore there are major accidents to  destruction of people, and also bad work of life-saving services. According to their reports the special equipment on mines is ready to incidents, but during incidents is found out that the equipment just is not ready.
but has there and then got also to supervising bodies. The assistant to the public prosecutor of the Kemerovo region Konstantin Yeremeyev has declared that the state supervision of safety precautions condition is inconsistent and incomplete. But the most important problem, according to mister Yeremeyev, consists that the coal companies in system of priorities in the foreground have income and profit, instead of the person. Therefore failures regularly occur to a deadly outcome and on the modern, recently constructed mines, and sometimes already at a building stage. Mister Yeremeyev has assumed that while this position will not change, it is difficult to count that coal mining becomes safe.
following the results of discussion work of proprietors and heads of the coal enterprises in sphere of safety of work in 2003 has been recognised “ inefficient and insufficient “. In the total report it has been fixed that “ actions for the prevention of occupational diseases are executed not in full “. As means of the decision of these problems various recommendations have been offered proprietors and heads, public authorities and trade unions. For example, “ to rejuvenate personnel structure of mines “ “ to increase financing of actions for maintenance of safe working conditions “ and etc. However, in the same report it has been noticed that the measures provided in similar meeting in last year, have not been executed.
coal miners first of all complained about insufficiency of the means allocated with shareholders of the enterprises. Though and not all. For example, the chief executive of the coal company “ JUzhkuzbassugol “ Vladimir Binshtok has promised that this year the company will direct considerable investments into development the part from which will go and on improvement of working conditions.