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vitse - the prime minister solves a room question

a mortgage

past Friday vitse - prime minister Vladimir Jakovlev has declared that this spring the government will bring in the State Duma about 30 bills connected with a problem of development in the country of system of mortgage lending. On Friday a party general council an United Russia has made the decision on creation of the special commission under the direction of deputy George Boos on development of the market of accessible habitation. However at present rates of housing construction the mass mortgage will lead still bolshemu to a rise in prices for habitation and will not carry out of the problem.
the housing problem in the country is expressed by following figures. According to Gosstroy and the Center of the analysis of the markets of real estate resulted on one of last meetings of the commission concerning local government under the direction of Vladimir Jakovleva, for a year of only 1,2 % of the Russian population get habitation at the expense of own means. 0,3 more % of the Russian families are annually provided with habitation at the expense of budget money. Thus almost 80 % of the Russian families need improvement of living conditions. Today counting on soul of the population 0,24 sq. m of new habitation (36 million sq.) in a year are under construction. To satisfy demand and to get rid of shabby and emergency habitation (it makes 3,2 % of available housing), it is necessary to build annually about 1 sq. m on each inhabitant of the country. That is it is four times more.
Here the problem root also is covered. A potential demand for habitation in four, and even five times above the present offer. However now money at the population is not present, and mortgage loans to receive not so simply. Rather decent legal monthly income (from $800 - 1000) on which the size of the given credit directly depends is necessary. Percent are high - 10 - 15 % annual, and registration procedure not so - that is simple. Banks do not give mortgage loans at an initial stage of building - after all the pledge subject does not exist. As a result the mortgage on 90 % is used at habitation purchase in secondary fund. If in the conditions of such excess of demand over the offer to make mortgage loans accessible to all population, the prices for real estate which and so grow on 20 % a year, will fly up still above. And availability of habitation and a mortgage again will go down.
It turns out that before to achieve mass availability of a mortgage, it is necessary to increase housing construction volumes essentially. So quickly to provide citizens with accessible habitation it will not turn out. While Gosstroy considers possibility to finish input of new habitation at least to level of 1996 - 70 - 80 million in sq. m (according to Gosstroy, the prices will start to fall already after increase in input of new habitation on 30 - 40 %).
to stimulate the building companies, it is necessary to reduce the price for them of crediting, to simplify procedure of granting of the ground areas, to remove various administrative barriers, probably, to adjust sofinansirovanie projects the state. It is necessary to get rid of inefficient schemes which rise the building price. For example, very often local authorities give the ground areas under building in exchange for apartments in the under construction house. If they start to redeem these apartments, let even under preferential quotations it will reduce the price of habitation building. There are infrastructural problems: sites under building with the pipes brought to them and networks when - nibud will end. At building of new areas it is necessary to bring or build all infrastructure - warmly - vodo - and an electrical supply.
the decision of these questions actually is connected with the decision of the general economic problems in the country. For example, for reduction in price of credits it is necessary to reduce risks in bank system. That the authorities bought apartments for persons included in a waiting list, it is necessary, that in budgets there was money and etc.
Gradual development of a mortgage also promotes increase in volumes of housing construction. Therefore Gosstroy develops measures on stimulation of delivery by banks of mortgage loans. Actually, 30 bills and amendments to operating bills about which on Friday Vladimir Jakovlev spoke, and should contain all stimulus for housing construction and mortgage development. If the American economy when - that has pulled out motor industry development it is not excluded that development of the Russian economy will accelerate the decision of housing problems.