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Vasily Shahnovsky will not appeal against sentence court

the Former head of Joint-Stock Company YUKOS - Moscow one of shareholders of YUKOS Vasily Shahnovsky will not appeal against sentence, taken out to it Petty-bourgeois court of capital for evasion from payment of taxes. Thus, the sentence of Petty-bourgeois court enters validity: has expired ten-day term for appeal giving. Thus Vasily Shahnovsky Henry Padva`s lawyer has underlined that its client on - former considers itself to innocent charges on shown to it.
we will remind that the Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow recognised on February, 5th Vasily Shahnovsky guilty of evasion from payment of taxes in especially large size (from September, 1997 till November, 2000 holding supervising posts in Joint-Stock Company Rosprom and Joint-Stock Company YUKOS - Moscow the defendant has not paid in the budget of 28,5 million rbl.) . As a result the court has sentenced the mister of Shahnovsky imprisonment to a year and has released from punishment in connection with conditions change : as that any more does not hold a former post in Joint-Stock Company YUKOS - Moscow does not represent public danger, has indemnified a loss, and also has committed a crime of average weight for the first time.