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Kalmyk oppositionists will go to prison

In a past week-end Office of Public Prosecutor of Kalmykia has begun investigation of criminal case concerning participants of recent picket at the republican house of the government. The oppositionists who had control over posters with extremist slogans and appeals to violence are accused under item 212 ch. 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation, providing till 2 years of imprisonment. According to the public prosecutor of republic Sergey Hlopushina, at offices of the organisations participating in meeting, withdrawal of headers which will allow inspectors " is spent; to reveal instigators of this action .
the First protest action of Kalmyk opposition ( the Apple Union of Right Forces, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, social movement Native land and social movement General Gorodovikov ) Has taken place on December, 9th last year. The discontent holding a meeting was caused by inopportuneness of giving of the data about voting in the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation on elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the National Hural of republic. As the vice-president of Kalmyk branch of Union of Right Forces Shurdan Mandzhiev has explained , the reports which have arrived in district election committee from sites, have been filled by a simple pencil and in addition corrected before transfer to Moscow.

having declared falsification of results of elections, representatives of opposition have organised termless picket of presidential administration, demanding to reconsider results of voting and immediately to discharge of Kirsana Ilyumzhinov`s post in connection with numerous infringements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and Steppe Ulozhenija (Constitution) RK. To calm down picketers it was possible only to the plenipotentiary of the president in Southern federal district to Victor Kazantsev, specially for this arrived to Elista with the assistant to the general public prosecutor Sergey Fridinsky. Having suggested to suspend picketing for the period of investigation, he has promised to direct to republic group of inspectors of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and experts of the Main control management of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation who within three weeks should understand claims of picketers.

in the middle of January mister Kazantsev has sounded the list of the revealed infringements before oppositionists (more in detail about them do not speak till now, however, by data , it was a question of a negligence and excess of powers. - ). Officially the parties have agreed that they could not affect results of elections, however in a month leaders of regional branches world and unity Parties the Apple and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, having declared to that the plenipotentiary has not executed any of the promises have organised new picket. According to the police officers, this time holding a meeting behaved much more safely and though business is not has reached collisions, in order to avoid mass riots the OMON had to push aside crowd on the opposite end of the area. having control over headers with extremist slogans and appeals to violence, instigators cried out threats to the authorities and intended to carry out power capture of a building of administration, - the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor has explained . - as soon as proofs have got to our hands, we have filed criminal charges .

According to the public prosecutor of republic Sergey Hlopushina, a consequence do not intend to carry out mass arrests and to pursue each participant of disorders. However to establish persons who held these posters, and to reveal organizers of this action the public prosecutor nevertheless intends. We with them understood on - good, and now the period of arrangements has ended, - mister Hlopushin has declared. - And we will not admit, that organizers of unapproved mass actions broke the law, especially on the threshold of presidential elections . As the public prosecutor has explained , now at offices of Elista opposition parties and social movements withdrawal of headers and the posters containing extremist appeals proceeds. Besides, at the disposal of a consequence there are materials of a video shooting of picket so to find instigators, most likely, it is possible.

At the same time, representatives of opposition insist that the brought criminal case is initiated by the authorities once again to make the people silent . Yes, we left with posters, - has told not wished to name the active worker of so-called Extreme congress of the people of Kalmykia. - but if someone can prove me that an inscription Kirsan - a trouble of Kalmykia, a shame of Russia Is the extremist slogan and an appeal to violence I will go to prison .

As to searches, that, according to opposition, they are accompanied by scandals. According to the Kalmyk remedial centre, during a search in a staff of executive committee of Extreme congress of the people of Kalmykia the head of group in a rank of the captain of militia has applied physical strength concerning the president of the Kalmyk remedial centre Simeon Ateeva. In reply to it the Office of Public Prosecutor has declared that nobody applied forces, and the persons, trying to destabilise a situation in republic, are involved in fulfilment of some the crimes connected with plunders of state ownership, evasion from payment of taxes and illegal enterprise activity. Therefore inspectors regard recent political actions as attempt by groundless ochernenija the state structures to avoid the responsibility for own offences .