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The Tyumen court has divided payments Omsk energetikam

Yesterday Open Society press-service “ the Omsk regional power company “ (OREK) has informed on the termination of judicial dispute from Open Society “ Omskenergo “ about distribution of payments of legal bodies for the electric power. The federal arbitration court of the Western-Siberian district in Tyumen recognised an operating order of distribution of payments lawful that in the company have counted “ a victory of municipal power “. At the same time managers “ Omskenergo “ do not consider itself lost and count that payments will arrive in " address; Omskenergo “.
Under contracts on power supply between “ Omskenergo “ “ Omskelektro “ and legal bodies paid in the consumer for the electric power “ Omskenergo “. The consumer paid For sale and transportation of the electric power MUPEP “ Omskelektro “. Until recently from 93 copeck For 1 KVt·chas the consumed electric power the consumer transferred 82,63 copeck into account “ Omskenergo “ 10,33 copeck for energy transportation on municipal networks - into the account “ Omskelektro “. Last year “ Omskenergo “ has declared that changes a procedure of payments with subscribers, forcing consumers to sign bilaterial contracts. All calculations with the power company should pass through structural division “ Omskenergo “ - “ Omskenergosbyt “. After that “ Omsknergo “ paid off with “ Omskelektro “ for energy transportation on networks.

In holding “ the Omsk regional power company “ (OREK) enter MUPEP “ Omskelektro “ (carries out electric power transportation), Open Society “ OmESKo “ (conducts calculations and gathering of payments for the electric power), MUP “ Teplokommunenergo “. Annual monetary turn of marketing and transport service MUPEP “ Omskelektro “ makes 200 million rbl. For energy transportation “ Omskelektro “ receives from consumers more than 40 million rbl. a year.
“ Omskenergo “ and the municipal power companies entering in OREK, clash more than a year. The power companies cannot divide payments from the enterprises and the organisations of Omsk for electric power transportation. Dispute for payments of legal bodies has appeared so sharp what settle it were not able to neither the regional authorities, nor regional Office of Public Prosecutor. In August of last year top-managers of the companies solved a problem of distribution of payments for “ a round table “ in regional administration. Then representatives of both parties have promised not to involve in the disputes of ordinary consumers. Business also was limited to promises. As check of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, in August of last year " has shown; Omskenergo “ and “ Omskelektro “ compelled consumers to pay for electric power transportation twice.
in October, 2003 “ Omskenergo “ again has declared the right of priority to reception of payments of consumers. On December, 17th last year the appeal instance of arbitration court of the Omsk region recognised the right “ Omskenergo “ on reception of all payments for the electric power. Lawyers of the company “ Omskelektro “ have appealed against against the decision of arbitration court of the Omsk region in federal arbitration court of the Western-Siberian district.
yesterday press-service OREK has informed that the court has put an end in prolonged dispute with “ Omskenergo “. The court recognised an operating procedure of payments for the electric power lawful that in OREK have hastened to name “ a victory of municipal power “. “ Each participant of the power market on the basis of operating contracts in the share should receive from consumers payment for the released energy, and MUPEP “ Omskelektro “ - for services in transportation, therefore and to be paid these services should separately to each organisation “ - service OREK has informed a press-.
But as it has appeared, managers “ Omskenergo “ do not consider itself lost. “ at least, the court has confirmed that “ Omskelektro “ is not power supplying organisation. They render us service, and this service will be paid. And loud statements it is simple attempt to influence image “ - the chief a service press - " has told; Omskenergo “ Ivan Kuharenko. As he said, between a management “ Omskenergo “ and OREK now there are active negotiations about change of a procedure of payments with subscribers and in the near future the corresponding contract will be signed. In the company intend to achieve that all payments for the electric power arrived “ Omskenergo “.
In management OREK do not deny the fact of negotiations with “ Omskenergo “ But exclude possibility of change of a procedure of payments with subscribers. As the director of Open Society " has informed; OmESKo “ Alexander Mjasnikov, today “ Omskelektro “ renders services in electric power transportation on more than 5 thousand to contracts with subscribers. According to mister Mjasnikova, the most part of gathering for electric power transportation - about 160 million rbl. - “ Omskelektro “ spends for repair work, replacement of the equipment and the personnel salary. “ we are not assured that “ Omskenergo “ will pay off in time with us if the procedure of payments with subscribers changes. The big company “ Omskenergo “ wanted to close all payments on itself, and then to pay off under own discretion. The court is desire has not supported “ - Alexander Mjasnikov has told. As he said, tripartite contracts with subscribers continue to operate, and with new subscribers of the company will conclude bilateral contracts: “ Omskenergo “ - the subscriber and “ Omskelektro “ - the subscriber. “ probably, colleagues from “ Omskenergo “ will make the next attempt to change a situation. But hardly it is possible to enter two times into one water “ - mister Mjasnikov has told.