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United Russia party members have taken away a victory from Alexander Nazarchuka

past Friday at session of political council of the Altay regional branch an United Russia (ER) the decision to exclude from the party its two members - Yury Aleksievsky and Pavel Chesnova was accepted at once. The former party fellows have charged it with rough infringement of the charter of United Russia party members. Most of all orgvyvody concerning the mister Aleksievsky have upset the speaker krajsoveta Alexander Nazarchuka who has lost in 7th district of the unique contender, and together with it, 100 percent chance to be selected in krajsovet from the small native land.
Elections of deputies Altay krajsoveta will take place on March, 14th. In total 68 deputies will be selected: 34 - in one-mandatory districts and 34 - under party lists. The regional electoral committee has registered 6 party lists, including lists an United Russia the left block with participation of communists and landowners, the right block of Union of Right Forces and the Apple LDPR.

In January at regional conference an United Russia in the list of candidates - odnomandatnikov in deputies krajsoveta from party the general director of Open Society " has been included; Blagoveshchensk KMP Yury Aleksievsky. The management of regional branch ER has taken away to the mister the Aleksievsky 7th election district including the Blagoveshchensk, Zavjalovsky and Romanovsky areas. Chances of the mister Aleksievsky looked very weak. The district 7 is considered an ancestral lands of the chairman krajsoveta, the leader of the selective left block For our Altai: communists, landowners, NPSR! Alexander Nazarchuka (he was born in settlement Romanovo, in Soviet period headed Romanovsky district executive committee). The rating of mister Nazarchuka on its small native land is so high that chances of a victory at its contenders, according to experts, in this district practically are not present. In this district it is possible to consider as acknowledgement of high chances of mister Nazarchuka and that fact that any of political parties, except an United Russia the candidate against the leader of the Altay left has not put forward.
however, and the candidate from an United Russia has held on not for long. Past Friday regional political council ER disavowed the decision of party conference on promotion of the mister Aleksievsky and has excluded him from the party for rough infringement of the charter. The political council has considered that the party candidate has actually refused election campaign conducting on the district entrusted to it. According to political council, from the moment of the registration as the candidate Yury Aleksievsky did not conduct any propaganda activity. As the candidate has been registered on the basis of registration krajizbirkomom the regional party list, continue election campaign as the independent candidate it cannot. As have informed the correspondent In regional election committee, political council ER decision in electoral committee has not arrived yet.
meanwhile vybyvanie from Yury Aleksievsky`s election campaign automatically deprives of a victory and Alexander Nazarchuka. It remains the unique candidate so, elections in 7th district will not take place. However, mister Nazarchuk occupies the first line in the block list For our Altai and consequently the place to it in krajsovete is provided. But it is obvious that the serious loss will be caused to its political reputation. According to an informed circle in the device krajsoveta, this step an United Russia in 7th district it is possible to consider as preparation for forthcoming struggle for an armchair of the speaker.
it is no wonder that news about removal of a nominee of Yury Aleksievsky poverglo in shock of the Altay left. One of co-chairmen of the block For our Altai Valentine Nemenov has learnt about the decision of political council ER from the correspondent . Making comments on a situation, mister Nemenov named an exception of the candidate Aleksievsky podlenkim priemchikom . Simply voters of this district were deprived by possibilities to select the worthy candidate - he has underlined. According to mister Nemenova, the block For our Altai will necessarily propose the candidate on inevitable by-election in 7th district.
as to an exception from an United Russia the former chairman of executive committee of regional branch of party Pavel Chesnova him have accused of creation competing with ER the selective block. Mister Chesnov has acted as the initiator of creation of the block In support of the president - for edge development having declared that its initiative is supported by presidential structures. In reply to it United Russia party members not only have excluded the former leader from the party, but also have dispatched to heads of regional mass-media the reference with an appeal not to place propaganda materials of the block as use in them a name of president Putin without the corresponding coordination is rough infringement of the selective legislation.