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Big banks will necessarily vacuum regions

Yesterday in Novosibirsk conference of Association of the Russian banks (ARB), devoted to expected changes in the bank legislation and their role in development of regional banks has taken place. Bankers have shown sharp discontent with forthcoming strengthening of control from the Central Bank which, in their opinion, already now passes all reasonable borders, and have opposed politicians of artificial reduction of number small, but stably working banks administrative methods . In turn, the first deputy of the head of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlov, having agreed with some remarks, has unambiguously let know that in bank sphere it is not necessary to expect liberalisation and from concentration process to evade it it will not be possible. New edition Strategy of development of bank sector of the Russian Federation for 2004 and for the period till 2008 Which was discussed at Novosibirsk conference, enthusiasm in representatives of bank community has not caused. The president of ARB Garegin Tosunjan has characterised it as follows: supervision Strengthening, supervision for the sake of supervision, supervision - a limit of our dreams . Thus mister Tosunjan ascertained that the basic problems of the Russian bank system still remain not solved: banks practically do not have long resources: out of bank system there are pension resources, social insurance. But deductions in FOR (fund of obligatory reservation. - ) Pull out from under us long resource base .
According to president ARB, deductions in FOR along with other expenses burdening bank system, do not allow banks to increase capitalisation, without what to the Russian banks not to come nearer to foreign to which we is fast so we will kindly open borders . According to the majority of representatives of bank community, in FOR it is necessary to lower the sizes of deductions, a technique of its formation to reconsider, and itself FOR to make paid. in general, banks render to the state weight of free services - the tax agent, the currency agent, the agent on financial monitoring, cash discipline. All it is clear that it is absurdity! - mister Tosunjan has complained.
President Novosibirskvneshtorgbanka Nadezhda Stre - ltsova has offered meeting of colleagues own original method of minimisation supervising expenses: We have counted up cost of all services, inquiries, reports and etc. which we give to every possible supervising bodies, and have shown them the account. Money, certainly, nobody has paid, but to request steels less . And the big account has turned out? - has taken an interest pre - dsedatel boards Perm Pochtbanka Vladimir Zhilin. I will tell in private conditions - madam Streltsova has promised.
Forthcoming check of stability of banks in connection with introduction of system of insurance of contributions of physical persons and high starting conditions for occurrence in this system have caused well-founded fear of bankers. The first deputy of heads of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlov has in plain terms declared that banks will clean and thoroughly: We consider that the banks involving contributions of the population, should have, at least, 10 percent additional safety factor. The majority of banks in Russia depends on two-three big clients that considerably increases risk of bankruptcy. I do not speak about banks-chemists which in general do not have other business, except the left. They should be cleaned. By the way, and the International bank, and IMF just also understand reform of bank supervision as reform of bank system. I personally would like to be kind and pleasant, but it is necessary to work as hands . to Smother - chairman of the board AKB " has prompted from the first row; caucasus-Gelios Sergey Golovin. Mister Kozlov has not taken offence at a good advice at all and, having reminded that demands for occurrence are necessary for submitting to insurance system not later than June, 27th, has resulted allowing to judge scales coming zachistki figures. Under its data, to to chemists 30 % of the Moscow banks and 12 % regional concern.
despite comparative respectableness The regional banks, all participants of conference have agreed that services of small banks are claimed today only by small and average business. Plans on an establishment of the minimum size of an authorised capital stock of bank by 2010 in 5 million euro Sergey Golovin named dirty competitive struggle against use of an administrative resource .
Andrey Kozlov has agreed that the figure in 5 million euro as a whole is proved by nothing, however has calmed regional banks, having told that anyway their leaving will be caused by the objective reasons: There is an enormous backlog demand of the large companies on a bank credit resource. And in its searches big banks will necessarily vacuum regions . Well and that to potter, time will judge life? - Sergey Golovin has philosophically taken an interest.
Point on which the vice-president of the Central Bank has appeared it is solidary with bankers, began to facilitate the offer procedure of the reporting for banks with good reputation. even under the pretext of strengthening of system of insurance it is unreasonable to demand the reporting every day from respectable and legislative banks. Daily pricks and enemas are necessary only to banks which have illness symptoms - Garegin Tosunjan has concluded. Andrey Kozlov has agreed that introduction of different supervisory regimes would be justified. However, mister Tosunjan more than once ascertained that at ideological level we have reached for a long time understanding from the Central Bank on many questions, truth to feel this understanding we can not " yet;.