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Sentence of jurymen to a consequence not a hindrance

Justified for murder again have arrested
business about murder vitse - the governor

Yesterday the Smolensk regional court has taken out a suspended sentence of Ruslanu Prokopenko which last week has been justified on the case of murder Smolensk vitse - governor Vladimir Prokhorov (see from 12. 02. 04). Condemned should release in a boardroom, however it remained under guards.
on February, 11th jurymen have taken out the verdict on business of Ruslana Prokopenko: charge in partnership in Vladimir Prokhorov`s murder should be removed from it behind an absence of proof. On the second charge - in storage of a cartridge of calibre of 7,92 mm to a system rifle “ the Mauser “ (according to the defendant found it in wood) - jurymen recognised as its guilty. The public prosecutor Galina Shishkov acting on process as a state accuser, for storage of a cartridge of times of the Great Patriotic War demanded to appoint the maximum term - three years of imprisonment.
Yesterday in court has gathered many relatives and friends of Ruslana Prokopenko expecting that the accused will release in a court hall at once after sentence announcement. Mister Prokopenko who with small delay was brought by three escorts, in handcuffs has tried to shake hands with the wife. However the escort has quickly got accused in a cage and has closed.
judge Natalia Makarova presiding over process has read a sentence in which participation of mister Prokopenko in custom-made murder vitse - the governor of the Smolensk region Vladimir Prokhorov admitted unstated and court not proved. However the court has considered Ruslana Prokopenko guilty of illegal storage of ammunition and has sentenced it to one and a half years of imprisonment conditionally. “ the court considers that Prokopenko has a constant residence, before had no previous convictions, and also has on expense the juvenile daughter “ - the judge has read and has left. On it pleasant news to Ruslana Prokopenko and its relatives have ended.
all present have asked to leave a hall, and the most defensible in handcuffs have taken away in a pre-trial detention centre. Relatives have appeared are not ready to such turn of events. “ anything to itself, have justified and have taken away again in summary “ - Victoria Prokopenko has complained.
As have informed in Smolensk regional Office of Public Prosecutor, Ruslan Prokopenko, despite the verdict of “not guilty“, will remain in prison, as passes suspect on other criminal case. That incriminate to mister Prokopenko this time, in Office of Public Prosecutor have refused to specify. In this respect there are some versions. In - the first, the consequence on criminal case about Vladimir Prokhorov`s murder is not finished yet, and, probably, mister Prokopenko have left in the conclusion before its end. In - the second, under not confirmed information, Ruslana Prokopenko suspect of participation in abduction of vice-president NK Sergey Kukury`s LUKOIL (the oil industry worker hid in territory of the Smolensk region). In - the third, it is not excluded that mister Prokopenko can pass suspect on criminal case about murder Smolensk “ authoritative “ businessman Vladimir Vinokurova, one of main suspected of abduction of mister Kukury. Under the operative data, Ruslan Prokopenko consisted in grouping Vinokurova.
Shishkov`s Public prosecutor has refused flatly comments as concerning the taken out sentence, and “ other criminal case “ mister Prokopenko. She only has declared that at present is not ready to inform, whether the sentence will be appealed against. Judge Makarova has assumed, “ that is senseless to make comments on something before business will reach the Supreme court “ and such possibility, as she said, is not excluded. According to the judge, jury on court behaved timidly, “ at all how the professional judge “ and “ some personal moments have played a serious role in verdict removal “. Lawyer Nikolay Modin in judicial session did not accept participation as was in business trip in Moscow.
will watch succession of events.
ANDREY - RUBEL, Smolensk