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Vladimir Putin`s authorised representatives have appeared in a difficult situation

Yesterday the head of a regional pre-election staff of Vladimir Putin Vladimir Litvinenko has published results of work of a public reception. Thus he has refused to disclose the forecast of an appearance of voters for presidential elections on March, 14th, but has expressed confidence that they will by all means take place.
we will remind, on February, 2nd at regional branch of a selective staff of the president of the Russian Federation and the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin the public reception has opened. Both the staff, and a reception settle down in College of mines - a staff, as well as four years ago, the rector of high school Vladimir Litvinenko heads. It was found out that every other day after opening the stream of visitors of a reception has turned to the never-ending: age addressing basically the pension. Some, except complaints to poor housing conditions, work of public transport, public utilities, courts and officials, brought souvenirs for the candidate. So, one pensioner has brought an old group photo of military seamen. With words Here it is my father, and it is Putin`s father she has asked to transfer a photo to the head of the state.
according to mister Litvinenko, on the average for a day in a staff and a reception arrives to hundred letters: Almost all complaints and orders - a product of collective work . To understand with references it is necessary not only to 11 regular employees of a reception, but also authorised representatives of the candidate. considering that our Vladimir Vladimirovich - the working president, they do not need to meet voters and to agitate, as it happens at usual elective technologies, - mister Litvinenko has told. - Therefore they are in extremely difficult situation, in sense - by definition. They under the direction of our staff in addition accept voters . Let`s remind, into the official list of authorised representatives of candidate Putin across Petersburg enter rector Sankt - the Petersburg state university Lyudmila Verbitsky, the director of the Hermitage Boris Piotrovsky, head TSKB the Ruby Igor Spassky, the director the Water canal Felix Karmazinov, actor Michael Bojarsky.
the pre-election staff yet has not fixed gross infringements of the selective legislation. And or calling for boycott of elections mister Litvinenko not only does not condemn various actions of an Antiputin orientation, but even welcomes, as they only on advantage of democracy : If, of course, they are organised in legal frameworks and do not disturb to automobile movement . The rector has refused to sound the data available at its order about a predicted appearance of Petersburgers on elections on March, 14th, but has expressed confidence that it will be above 50 percent . Zeal of some colleagues, hastened to declare on March, 14th in the educational afternoon, Vladimir Litvinenko does not approve: it seems To me, it is object of gamble to create ` cheerful ` conditions on the eve of elections. In Petersburg I about the similar did not hear .