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There was in Bruxelles

Yesterday president Vladimir Putin was defined with a nominee of premieres - the minister of the Russian government. On this post it has put forward eks - the head of Federal Agency of tax police Michael Fradkov (p. 1 more in detail see). Appointment of mister Fradkov for the majority of politicians and businessmen became a bolt from the blue. At the same time a course which to it should be spent in a new post, it is possible to foresee. For this purpose it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively at Smolnomu, Valentine Matvienko`s which head from the moment of the introduction into a post of the governor strictly follows in the past autumn economic instructions from the Kremlin.
Michael Fradkov supervised over power division of tax department up to its abolition by summer of last year. Soon after that it has been appointed by the plenipotentiary of Russia at EU. In Petersburg the majority of analysts in the comments on a nominee of the prime minister told approximately so: I at all do not know mister Fradkov, therefore it is difficult to me to tell, that from it can be expected. The same who has appeared a sign with activity of mister Fradkov on a field of struggle against careless tax bearers, abstained from comments. As it is clear. Having set the former head of tax police to the place of the prime minister, the president has clearly let know to business at the expense of what the state should grow rich and develop. Then that not only at the expense of the world prices for oil and sale of an other source of raw materials, but also at the expense of a collecting of taxes.
actually, in replenishment of the state budget the power has had time to designate a priority of fiscal system the position in YUKOS business. However Michael Khodorkovsky`s arrest though also scandalous, but it is far not unique experiment of such plan. In the same number there is also a delegation on a post of the governor of Petersburg of Valentina Matvienko. For anything especially without having become famous on a post social vitse - a premiere, Matvienko`s madam, having headed Smolnyj in 2003, has absolutely changed. Since first days of work it has declared variety of ambitious projects on transformation of a native city of the president in is exemplary - the indicative subject of federation. And has made it with ease which, on idea, should not leave doubts in realisation of projects, whether it be budget doubling, attraction of milliard investments in city housing and communal services, a mortgage for one year, the highest in the country growth of a total regional product (VRP) or freezing of price of bread.
as judiciousness to the governor you will not refuse, it is considered to be the reason of confidence of the madam of Matvienko a notorious administrative resource. Differently, at regional level it broadcasts some months those treasured ideas which the Kremlin management intends to carry out in country scales. As neither oil, nor other minerals in Petersburg never was and is not present, it is possible to consider experiment to a certain extent pure. In these conditions doubling VRP, and and the budget sees it Smolnomu mainly at the expense of increase of investment appeal of the city tax return should become which consequence.
however, officials have decided to approach to the decision of this problem from the end and pervo - napervo to double the budget, having used that potential of economy which has historically developed. The increase in tax loading at separate branches, increase in a payment for the earth and working out of other measures of rigid administrative control over economy became result of these efforts. Mister Fradkov, seemingly, should realise similar installations, but already nationally.