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Kuwait has heated up hands on fuel


Yesterday parliament of Kuwait has begun investigation on the case of reception of illegal profit by fuel deliveries to Iraq. The affiliated structure of American corporation Halliburton is got mixed up in business - Kellogg Brown and Root, which at intermediary of Kuwaiti firm Al - Tanmia Marketing Co. Delivered to a military contingent of the USA in Iraq fuel at inflated prices. It has allowed suppliers to earn illegally ten millions dollars. Investigation threatens Kuwait with serious political shocks.
present scandal was provoked by special auditor check, in the end of the past year arranged with the Pentagon in connection with deliveries to a military contingent of the USA in Iraq. One of the basic suppliers is company Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) which supplies 130 - a thousand contingent with the foodstuffs and fuel. As it has appeared, the actual status of a monopolist did not satisfy KBR. As a result cost almost each contract has been overestimated several times that has allowed the company to earn illegally ten millions dollars.
in the American press there and then there were the reasonings connecting unscrpulous KBR with the vice-president of the USA by Richard Chejni which with 1985 for 2000 supervised Halliburton. In a year of elections of the head of the state in America scandals and from the smaller were inflated. However this time supporters of democratic party of the USA - opponents of present administration were waited by disappointment. Halliburton has quickly reported on dismissal of some the employees who have been got mixed up in illegal transactions, and has expressed readiness to indemnify to the state the caused loss. Scandal has been settled.
paradox that political shocks threaten now to much less democratic Kuwait. Some members 50 - local parliament have asked a question: as in the oil transaction of state company Kuwait Petroleum Corp. And KBR there was intermediary firm Al - Tanmia Marketing Co., which, except real estate, was engaged before in nothing? According to the local usages, similar contracts cannot be concluded without approval of the Minister of Energy of Kuwait sheikh Ahmed Fahda al - Ahmed al - Sabaha. Hence, members of parliament believe, the minister knew that on intermediary Al - Tanmia will daily earn $759 thousand
the parliamentary commission Created yesterday which will be engaged in a legal investigation, according to all five members, intends to get to the truth, whatever it was . However a number of the western mass-media connect company Al - Tanmia with representatives of one of the most influential families emirata . In this connection, observers believe, present corruption scandal can lead Kuwait to serious political shocks. A drawn game in this struggle cannot be, and all will end either government resignation, or parliament dissolution.