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Minority creditors are dissatisfied with the managing director

As it became known, in business of bankruptcy of factory Red vyborzhets (KV) there was a new figurant. On Friday the Arbitration court of Petersburg and Leningrad region at the desire of justice Central administrative board across Petersburg has refused to confirm results of competitive management to the enterprises. Officials suspect that at realisation of property of factory in January gross infringements have been admitted. Minority creditors KV who try to divide control over KV with holding structures " adhere to the same point of view also; Interros .
we Will remind, in 2001 holding Interros has got 78 % of actions of Petersburg Open Society Red vyborzhets . In the autumn of 2002 new proprietors have registered Open Society Factory ` Red vyborzhets ` have transferred it in rent property and have begun industrial activity. In February, 2003 under the claim friendly to Interros the companies - Open Company metallinvestservis - at the old enterprise the court has entered bankruptcy procedure. By that moment the factory has saved up debts against Mosuralbankom and FPG Metoboronhimprom . However in the course of bankruptcy they did not manage to affect destiny of the enterprise as the basic package of debts has appeared it is concentrated at initiators of bankruptcy.
as a result the meeting of creditors of the enterprise has voted for the beginning of the competitive manufacture which term has expired in the end of January when the basic property of factory and was redeemed by the not named firms. Opponents Interros are assured that as buyers of property KV the firms close to the basic creditor of the enterprise have acted. As already informed, in the end of the last year at the initiative of minority creditors UBEP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg has renewed investigation on the case of deliberate bankruptcy of Open Society Red vyborzhets . Referring to this circumstance past Friday when the Arbitration court should confirm results of competitive manufacture on KV, Mosuralbank, Oboronspetsresurs and firm Asbiks have asked to postpone a legal investigation. Besides, as the founder of firm " has informed; Sibr (close to Mosuralbanku) Yury Novozhilov, in court the representative of Central administrative board of justice across St.-Petersburg has informed on the arrived complaint to actions of the competitive managing director Red vyborzhtsa Grigory Agajana. the Property was inventarizovano at residual cost and is sold without competition under direct contracts - mister Novozhilov confirms. Mister Agajan has appeared yesterday is inaccessible to comments. Under the Justice department statement, court session has been transferred for March, 25th, date of consideration of the statement of Mosuralbanka is not defined yet.
will continue to watch succession of events.