Rus News Journal

That you   wait from   forthcoming week?

Evgenie Bushmin, a member of Council of Federation   from   the governments of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, the chairman of committee on   to the budget:
and #151; On   to the next week I   I will take part in   session of board of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, on   by which works of the Ministry of Finance with   will be summed up; 2000   on   2003 Also will be considered problems of bodies of a financial system on   2004 - 2005   Besides, I   I will be present on   the congress of the Russian regions. Action will pass in   the Columned hall of the House of the unions. It is spent in   frameworks of realisation of the federal public program « we Will glorify Russia the affairs ».

Vladimir Brikker, the mayor of Dzerzhinsk:
and #151; the Basic theme of all next week   and #151; a forthcoming holiday 8   Martha. If to speak in   Half-joking tone, probably, other more serious cares at   any head in   these days to be not   should. In   our city, as well as   in   to our country, the most responsible work lies on   fragile shoulders of our remarkable female. And   in   the current of forthcoming week should be made all to give proper attention to all lovely women and   to congratulate them   with   a remarkable spring holiday. Nobody   to forget and   not   to offend   and #151; the basic theme of activity of all men on   to this week.

Vadim Puzhak, the chairman of the Nizhniy Novgorod country council of trade unions:
and #151; Three years the agreement between oblsovprofom, the regional government and   operates; association of employers of region. 3   March session of the tripartite commission, on   will take place; which will be summed up for   All period. We   all we will report on   realisations of sections of the agreement, in   particulars, on   economic and   to industrial activity, a labour market and   population employment. We plan in   this   put to enter into the new agreement.

Alexander Samodelkin, the pro-rector on   to international contacts and   to innovative policy NGSHA:
and #151; On   to this week at   us the big work on   is planned; realisations of the memorandum signed by our academy and   university of the State of North Dakota. In   frameworks of a scientific exchange to   to us there will arrive the American students and   teachers, and   we will go in   the USA. Besides, on   to this week we   we will start to prepare one more trip: our teachers will raise qualification in   Israel. The program is financed by embassy of this country. Also we   we prepare to   The big conference « Modern problems of a science and   formations » which soon will pass in   Croatia.
one more problem   and #151; it is necessary to congratulate beautifully the wife and   three more daughters with   a holiday 8   Martha.