Rus News Journal


business news
the third writing-book
telekominvest has got to a Bermudas triangle
p. 13
At two shareholders the Megaphone there was one owner

YUKOS Actions as did not happen
p. 13
Arbitration has cancelled additional issue

NOVATEK searches for replacement Nortgazu
p. 15
the Company carries on negotiations with LUKOIL

Car industry has passed in D - the class
p. 16
Begins work 74 - whether j the International motor show in Geneva

In Siberia is put an economic experiment
p. 20
there Can begin region economy operated growth under state control

world practice
the second writing-book
In capital Haiti insurgents, Frenchmen and Americans
p. 9
are torn And the former president cannot find any peace

the Law for Kurds, women and Shiits
p. 11
Temporary council of Iraq has published the transitive constitution

culture, sports
the fourth writing-book
Oscar has sunk into dotage
p. 21
the American film academicians have confirmed press forecasts

CHartova a dozen has landed in Luzniki
p. 22
At a concert of stars Our radio raskoloshmatili the TV

Medals on any weight
p. 24
the Russian boxers have won nine gold awards in the European championship