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The first persons

Hamid Karzai
the president of Afghanistan
the Terrorism is a threat not to the government, and separate citizens. Struggle of the armed regional leaders or groupings - where the big threat. It eats into a society fabric. Therefore it needs to be stopped and eliminated .
So the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai in interview to the American weekly journal Time has declared. The president has noticed that Afghanistan cannot is independent " yet; to stand on the feet and consequently while support of forces of allies is necessary for the country. Mister Karzaj has informed that Afghans displacement of the armed regional leaders want disarmament, they want to put an end to corruption. And they want occurrence of the effective government operating harmoniously and consistently. Reforms are necessary for realisation of all these purposes " for us;.
the President has declared that it for cooperation with the former members the Taliban Which want to help the present government. He admitted that recently has received very lovely the letter from the former talib Minister for Foreign Affairs. This person is very disturbed by destiny of the country and in the letter makes recommendations to a management of Afghanistan. among Talibs there were usual people who have returned to the houses. But there were also others, what supported ` Al - Kaida `, made it is a lot of crimes. If they return, we will judge them. But such no more than hundred persons or about that - president Karzaj has continued.