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Suspected of murder - Vitaly Kaloyev
have informed Yesterday the Zurich bodies of justice to embassy of Russia in Bern that the man arrested on suspicion in murder of former aviadispatcher Petera Nilsen, really Vitaly Kaloyev (watches this business since February, 25th). To the Russian representatives have allowed to meet it, but the person on remand yet has not given on it the consent.
the Russian embassy was yesterday actually unique source of the information. District attorney Paskal Gossner directing an investigation, has refused to answer questions of journalists. However, by the end of day there was an information that Vitaly Kaloyev yet did not admit a perfect crime.
right after Vitaly Kaloyev`s arrest the Munich lawyer Michael Vitti and its colleague from Hamburg Gerrit Vilmans representing interests of the Russian in the property claim to Skyguide, have suggested to protect it and on criminal case. The decision of mister Kaloyev while is not known. As the partner of lawyers Wolfgang Felov has informed, both of them are in Moscow for finding-out of some questions . Under the law they can act only as advisers or companions of the lawyer at the involved Swiss defender.

will pronounce a sentence on business Aeroflot
on March, 12th the Savelovsky court of Moscow will announce a sentence on business Aeroflot . During debate the public prosecutor has asked to sentence accused to imprisonment for the term from four till eight years. Accused - to Nikolay Glushkov and Alexander Krasnenkeru - the public prosecutor has asked to appoint the main thing punishment in the form of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony on eight and five and a half years accordingly.
Nikolay Glushkov and Alexander Krasnenker are accused of plunder by swindle, nevozvrashchenii from - for borders of means in foreign currency, and also in money-laundering (to Nikolay Glushkov runaway from gematologicheskogo centre of science also is incriminated during preliminary investigation). Similar charges are shown the former chief accountant of airline of Lydia Kryzhevsky and the general director of Joint-Stock Company Financial incorporated corporation to the Novel of Shejninu. The public prosecutor has asked to sentence them to five and four years of imprisonment accordingly. He also has asked court to satisfy the civil suit Aeroflot about compensation of 214 million rbl.
the Consequence considers that defendants have misled the former general director of the company Evgenie Shaposhnikova, having convinced him of expediency of transfer of a currency gain Aeroflot into accounts of firm Andava created in Switzerland.
Everything, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, since May 1996 till November, 1997 from foreign representations Aeroflot into accounts Andava has arrived $252,3 million the part from which has been stolen. Litigation goes since January, 14th, 2002.
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