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Condoleeza Rice has condemned Vladimir Putin
the Adviser of the US president for national safety Condoleeza Rice has declared in interview to agency Global Viewpoint that the situation with democracy in Russia disturbs the White house. According to madam Rice, today in Russia more open society, than at the time of cold war is constructed, however recently there was a number events causing anxiety . According to the adviser of the president, one of the main problems of the Russian democracy - strong institute of the president which does not have counterbalance. the Duma has very insignificant influence. Justice bodies, according to many, lose the independence. And there are independent mass media are in the majority under state control - the adviser of the US president considers.
for anxiety there are bases. And we have let know about it to the Russian management, - Condoleeza Rice has declared. - Yes, there is a danger that the Kremlin concentrates too big power in the hands. It is a serious problem also because the gone deep relations between the USA and Russia demand compatibility of existing values .

the Peoples Republic of China has published the report on infringements of human rights in the USA
the Press - the office of state council of the Peoples Republic of China has published on Monday in Beijing the report on infringements of human rights in the USA in 2003. The document as it is underlined in its preamble, is published in reply to the corresponding report of US State department, containing prevratnye situation assessments with human rights in the different countries of the world, including in the Peoples Republic of China .
the Report the press - the state council offices, based on the data of official statistics of the USA, messages of the American and foreign mass-media, consists of six sections in which the situation with observance of human rights in the USA is shined.
In the section devoted to infringements of the right to life, freedom and a personal security, authors of the report refer, in particular, to growth of number of murders in the USA on 0,8 % and rapes on 4 % in 2003 in comparison with 2002. Growth of number of prisoners in the USA to 2,1 million persons is noted also is on 2,6 % more than in 2002. a parity of number of prisoners and a population aggregate number - the highest in the world - it is underlined in the report. Thus 47 % of the American prisoners are made by Negroes, and 16 % - Latin Americans that, according to authors of the report, speaks about a racial discrimination. In the report it is underlined also that in 25 American megacities is to 3 million homeless.
In the section considering infringements by the American military men in 2003 of the rights of citizens of the foreign states, murders of civilians and mockery at them are noted during war in Iraq, rapes and attempts at other crimes against the person in Japan and Australia.

South Korea will struggle for independence of the USA
With such promise president RK But Mu Hen has acted yesterday. In the speech devoted to anniversary of revolt which has flashed on March, 1st, 1919 of Koreans against Japanese occupation, he has actually called if not for revolt against Americans, to radical easing of dependence of South Korean foreign policy from Washington. The president has rejected the charges usually sounding from opposition that its politician podpityvaet radical Antiamerican moods of South Korean youth. He has urged not to speculate with concepts Antiamerican or pro-American but has assured: Step by step we will strengthen our independence and we will construct the strong and independent state . But Mu Hen welcomed recent American - the South Korean agreement on a conclusion of military base of the USA from area Jonsan in the centre of Seoul, having noticed that this place throughout centuries was a symbol of foreign intervention . The president has especially underlined necessity of an independent policy for relations from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. He has characterised Democratic People`s Republic of Korea as the country, which it is difficult to understand and which often does not suffice common sense but has added that it is a part of the Korean nation and we should take care of it .
Pyongyang has expressed in connection with an anniversary of revolt more categorically: All Koreans should rise on patriotic wrestle for life or death with the American and Japanese aggressors, aspiring to enslave Korea .