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Left have appeared in tsugtsvange

Returning of committees to communists and landowners has added a headache to a management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The matter is that if heads of committees have insisted on the resignation other decision three of five committees (on affairs of women, on affairs of public associations and on affairs of nationalities) would be liquidated. Thereby centrists have put left in position classical chess tsugtsvanga when any following course leads to sharp deterioration of a position.
if leaders of Communist Party will insist on the former decision on refusal of all supervising Duma posts socially important, according to communists, committees will be disbanded, and responsibility for it will lay down on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. If the party decides to reserve committees even petition for a vote of no confidence to the government will not help left to convince voters that they remain in deaf opposition .
Besides, discussion of this question is fraught with serious split in the party. Anyway, on Saturday plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation communists will not manage to be limited a flogging Gennady Seleznev for refusal to leave from a post of the speaker: now it is necessary to punish already a six dissidents . And as in their numbers is not only soiled cooperation with the Kremlin the speaker, but also such true fighters for good reason Lenin as, for example, a member of the Central Committee Nikolay Gubenko, among participants of plenum can be found out in them many supporters.