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Russian music will leave an aether

If radio stations do not agree with legal owners
In the market of commercial broadcasting there was an unprecedented event. The company League of the rights to which posesses the rights to songs about 180 authors, has demanded from number FM - radio stations or to withdraw products of these authors from an aether, or to conclude with League direct licence agreements. If other legal owners follow to this example, Russian music can disappear at all from an air.
to league of the rights the rights to songs of the executors working mainly in a genre of a city chanson belong. Among the most known - Michael Krug, Vyacheslav Klimenkov, Ivan Kuchin.
as it became known, a number of commercial radio stations, among which Russian radio Russian radio - 2 Autoradio Radio ` the Chanson ` Have received the letter from the company League of the rights with the requirement to stop rotation of the authors on air. According to head Leagues of the rights Igor Mamatova, its claim to radio speakers the following: the Russian author`s society (the Russian Open Society.-) not in a condition to collect adequate author`s deductions. Commercial radio stations hide the true incomes, therefore the sums deducted by the Russian Open Society and then distributed among authors, is insignificant are small in comparison with incomes FM - stations. I the owner of the rights also have the right to appoint any price for the goods. To the Russian Open Society there is no trust, there is no possibility to check up their accounts department. It is a question of the milliard sums of roubles which are lost by legal owners and authors .
Under the existing law author`s deductions in the Russian Open Society make 2,6 % from radio station profit. In the Russian Open Society have refused to make comments on the inability to collect deduction also have declared that are not surprised by a demarche Leagues of the rights . They explain it to that at the Russian Open Society the contract with this company and " has ended; League of the rights left a society.
radio stations on - to a miscellaneous have reacted to the letter Leagues of the rights . Russian radio and Russian radio - 2 have withdrawn from the aether all compositions belonging to League . ` the League of the rights ` only has done much harm to the actors - the program director " has commented on an event; radio Russian Dmitry Shirokov.
on air of radio station Radio ` the Chanson ` since yesterday Michael Krug`s compositions, on the contrary, have again begun to sound: the station management has agreed with Igor Mamatovym about certain special commercial conditions of use of songs. The management " has in the same way arrived; Autoradio . The sums and character of these transactions carefully disappear. According to some information, it is a question of monthly deduction To league of the rights the certain fixed sum.
other legal owners have occupied a waiting attitude, however many of them approve actions Leagues of the rights . I had to clash time and again with a management of radio stations, - the head of company Nox - Music Joseph Prigozhin (in the company catalogue - Christina Orbakajte, Alexander Marshall and other known executors) speaks. - At first they do not want to put this or that actor in rotation, and then do not want to pay author`s though money at radio stations is. Experience ` Leagues of the rights ` seems to me positive .
from this point of view, according to participants of the market, a management Autoradio and Radio ` the Chanson ` has made a risky step which can lead to serious repartition of all announcement FM - radio stations. If all Russian legal owners start to demand money from radio stations, this sum will make more than 100 % of their incomes, - the former general producer of radio ` considers the Hit - FM ` Natalia Bozhko. - And radio stations will start to get rid of the Russian repertoire, to change an announcement format . If and happens, in an air there will be only a western music: Russia to these has not signed the Roman convention on protection of the rights of authors of 1961, and it is not necessary to pay for rotation of import music. Though, most likely, sooner or later the compromise will be found. Actors are interested in radio stations not less, than radio stations in them. Many are ready to give the products free of charge, and even to pay extra for aethers - from it their promotion, so, and gathering from concerts depends.