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Ingushetia clean, as the Chechen Republic

seven insurgents
special action
In Ingushetia Are detained scale special action against the Chechen insurgents who have settled in republic under the pretext of civilians has begun. Only for the last days in camp of refugees Alina have been detained and etapirovany to the Chechen Republic field commander Said Vitiev, kidnapper Magomed Mahauri and five more gangsters. Zachistku Alinas as militiamen speak, they have devoted to today`s inauguration of the president of Ingushetia Murada Zjazikova.
the Chechen insurgents in Ingushetia detained and earlier, - the chief of a staff and the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic Musa Apiev has told. - But all operations against them carried more likely incidental, instead of system character. After in republic the management was replaced, our field investigators, having understood that now their work will be correct and on advantage is estimated from above, have got down to business already on - to the present .
According to mister Apieva to speak about any strategic victories while early - has passed not enough time. And nevertheless the first results already are. But the main thing is that during presidency the general - the major of FSB Murada Zjazikova was possible to adjust interaction between the Chechen and Ingush agents of national security.
we had the information that in ` to Alina ` (a camp of refugees in a village Ordzhonikidzevsky.-) insurgents disappear, - the chief of criminal militia of Sunzhensky area Alaudin Galaev has told. - But calculate criminals among 24 thousand refugees could not - in the person we do not know them, and the passport at all counterfeit .
Thus, we searched, as they say, for a needle in a haystack, - mister Galaev continues. - Until then yet have not started to co-operate directly with chief ORB of the Chechen Republic Ahmed Hasanbekovym. Now we work so: Its children who know almost all insurgents, come to me with photos of villains and the public prosecutor`s decision on arrest. Then we take ours SOBR, my field investigators, fighters of mobile group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Ingushetia for secure - and forward . Yesterday at a dawn the first has been spent joint zachistka Alinas .
Time and an operation date started have chosen not casually, - our interlocutor has explained. - the matter is that in usual day the campaign in camp for the militiaman is fraught with serious consequences. It is necessary to appear to the person in shape as the crowd gathers, ready to tear it on a part. And when on all republic the operative actions connected with inauguration of president Zjazikova have begun, we managed to disguise the special action under check of documents .
it Looked so: about four o`clock in the morning the whole block of camp in which live about 3 thousand persons, submachine gunners of mobile group have surrounded. The second echelon consisting of the Chechen and Ingush field investigators, began to surround consistently tents in which, according to investigation, lived the searched. On a forward boundary, as usual, have appeared heavy - fighters SOBRa. Having rushed into tent, members of spetsnaz instantly pulled out from it the insurgent and dragged it in an armored troop-carrier. In the beginning the field commander 45 - summer Said - Ahmed Vitiev has been grasped. The insurgent has been put on the wanted list even before the first Chechen war when has stolen and has returned for the repayment of the fellow countryman from Naursky area of the Chechen Republic, and then killed the local divisional to take hold of its pistol. All first company Vitiev has spent in Basayev`s group Shamilja, then any time earned kidnappings and custom-made murders. When in 1999 its native area was occupied with federal soldiers, Vitiev has corrected to itself the new passport and together with the wife and adult sons has got over in Alina whence to the Chechen Republic - no distance. That the field commander did during the regular sorties home, still it is necessary to understand to the Chechen Office of Public Prosecutor.
in other tent have detained one of approached Arbi Baraeva, Chechen authority Magomeda Mahauri. This gangster did not participate In wars, but in the incomplete 22 years has had time to become famous on a criminal path. As the Chechen field investigators speak, Mahauri took part in many abductions organised by its commander, and shot hostages if for them had not time to pay. Abduction of inhabitant Urus - Martana Salambeka Abueva was its last business. This prosperous Chechen insurgents of Mahauri have stolen all three weeks ago in settlement Gehi - Chu and have finished to the base located in next Shalazhi. But at the last minute it was possible not only to be released to Abuevu, but also to break a mask made of cloth from the leader of thieves. Abuev also has identified the arrested person. Yesterday in the morning in to Alina It was possible to detain five more insurgents. Their names are little-known to the Ingush militiamen, but much tell Chechen - for each of arrested persons on neskolku grave crimes.
operation has passed without complications. that relatives and friends from ` Alina ` have not beaten off arrested persons on the way to the Chechen Republic, I with the operas have personally accompanied a train with gangsters to the border - colonel Galaev has told in summary. And other participant of the special action, wished to remain not named, has explained: After election as the president of republic of general Zjazikova in the Chechen war there can really come fundamental change. When at us the power was replaced, the Chechen insurgents have lost storage terminal in Ingushetia. If so will go and further to have a rest and be treated by it remains only in Georgia, but still it is necessary to reach it .