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Andrey Kirilenko has understood that Americans it is possible to beat

Yesterday one of the best beginners NBA Andrey Kirilenko has spent in Moscow a press - conference. the European basketball is now much closer to level American, than couple of years back, and such superiority as on the Olympic Games of 1992 in Barcelona, at Americans is not present more and will not be, - forward Utah Jazz has unexpectedly declared. - If CSKA played NBA during the first season the army team would win two matches, and in the second has gained five - ten victories - the player has assured. Also has added: It is assured that any basketball player of Russian national team could play in NBA. For this purpose it is necessary two conditions - trust of the trainer and that the player did not test fear .
Andrey Kirilenko has regarded chances of Russian national team of a victory in the World championship coming in August on basketball as 50 on 50. According to our basketball player, it will pass the first gathering of a national team in Klaipeda as in these terms, in the middle of July, will be in Solt - Lejk - City where will lead control matches for Utah. But at other stages of preparation for superiority which will pass in the American Indianapolis, Andrey Kirilenko will train together with all.
as a whole, by its recognition, it is happy the with the first season in America, even in spite of the fact that its club has taken off already in the first round play - off. I Consider its successful, - he has told. - but the first part of a season was for me heavy. It was necessary to adapt to life in America, to rules NBA. The main thing, I have understood that in this league is not only superplayers, but also simply good basketball players who can be beaten .