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The riddle of Russian shot

Alexander Sokurov`s Cannes premiere of the film
cinema festival
in Kanne has taken place Last night Alexander Sokurov`s premiere of the film Russian ark . ANDREY - PLAHOV has looked at a picture on preliminary a press - viewing.
about this film, as well as about Martin Scorsese`s picture (Martin Scorsese) Gangs of New York (by the way, taking producer part in the project Russian ark ) Legends went. And anybody, even participants and witnesses of shootings in the Hermitage, up to the end did not represent that will turn out as a result on the screen.
a press - viewing in Kanne has not contained all interested persons, and many remained behind a door. who would think that there will be such breakage on Sokurov! - one of journalists about a blue press - a card (in Kanne are priority white and pink) has sighed. Also has there and then started to tell that this picture is removed by one continuous one and a half hour plan, without skleek and installation, the mobile digital chamber of new generation. In general, public has been informed and intrigued. Further, as it happened and earlier on the Cannes viewings sokurovskih films, there was a division into admirers and sceptics. Some have left a hall before term, but the basic part remained - at least with curiosity. After viewing applauded.
a film though and removed by one shot, in emotional perception too shares on two half. The first reminds sokurovskuju a road Elegy where already there was a form of a lyrical diary (sounded for a shot a voice of the director) and too there was a speech about a museum, about travel in picturesque images. Only then the traveller (as though director Sokurov) went from Russia to Europe - to Holland. Now the author, without leaving a native city, travels to depth of centuries, and the marquis de Kjustin, the known russophob and the Russophile in one person (it actor Sergey Drejden plays) appears its companion and the opponent. Their dialogues about pluses and minuses of Russian originality - a reminiscence of centuries-old dispute. The delight and fear, an attraction and pushing away - all complex of perception Europeans of Russia revives on the screen. And in the same way under a persevering sight of the supersensitive chamber directly on the screen cloths and sculptures of great European masters - from Rubens to El Greco, from Rembrandt to Kanovy revive. Near to shades of the past contemporaries - the director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky, ballerina Alla Osipenko appear: they are keepers and judges of the treasures concluded in a magnificent frame of the Hermitage.
a plot travel to a picture has already been fulfilled by the director in road Elegies here again essentially does not develop. The film on - to the present is developed since that moment as the Hermitage appears occupied by hundreds kostjumirovannyh characters. And not Peter or Ekaterina Velikie, not Romanovs or Pushkin`s family with Natali among them the most interesting, and absolutely anonymous supernumeraries of history - in camisoles and wigs, in ball dresses with loops, with lorgnettes at a nose. Impresses scale of this grandiose action which have been carried out - we will remind - without uniform sklejki. Actions which has some certificates: Military parade, diplomatic reception with participation of the Persian ambassador, a musical concert of an orchestra of Valery Gergiev and, at last, descent of historical crowd on the Hermitage ladder.
actually Sokurov has carried out kontsept which it is possible to name Russian Hollywood . It has not gone by the way of treatment of history as melodramas and has told about a riddle of Russian soul through intimate vision of culture. But to it has added some scenes - projects, each of which is capable to eclipse scope of mass meetings of Sergey Bondarchuk or Ridley Scott. This film also is the project specifying in potential of the Russian epos. In sokurovskih crowd scenes there is a combination of game and truth which the Russian cinema does not remember for a long time. And Hollywood never also did not know.