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The prior have accused of wastes

a consequence
In Railway regional court of Novosibirsk business of the former prior of a temple of Pokrova Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy Victor Smetannikova is transferred. The first priest who has subdued Northern and southern poles, accuse of abusings and waste about 800 thousand roubles from church cash desk.
father Victor (in the world Victor Smetannikov) has headed a temple of the Cover Presvjatoj of the Virgin about seven years ago. In a Novosibirsk diocese it supervised interaction with power departments and the Cossacks, time and again happened in the North Caucasus in the first and second Chechen campaigns. Familiar military men even have named mister Smetannikova guards the army priest .
Proceedings and practical activities of the priest (it the candidate of sociological sciences) on spiritual rehabilitation of participants of local wars were marked time and again at the highest level. Couple of years back father Victor Would consecrate on one of bases of Northern fleet a submarine - 401 Novosibirsk has organised sisterly leaving in district hospital, began to publish tserkovno - the army newspaper Pokrovsk versts which circulation has made 9 thousand copies.
popularity has come to father Victor in 1999 when it as a part of expedition has made a parachute jump to the North Pole where has set up a three-metre orthodox cross. Victor Smetannikov has made similar expedition and to the South Pole. I was happy to pray there, - father Victor told then. - the North Pole possesses force of self-cleaning. Therefore it also is the most unusual place on the earth . In the long term the cleric intended to make an ascension on one of peaks - vosmitysjachnikov.
Plans of father Victor have started to fall in May, 2000 when law enforcement bodies have become interested in it. Simultaneously to suspect Victor Smetannikovu the diocese has forbidden to conduct services (now he teaches sociology in one of city high schools). Under the version of the investigation, the priest has caused to arrival a damage, estimated several hundreds thousand roubles.
as militiamen have established, in the end of 1999 Victor Smetannikov on behalf of a temple took in one of city banks the credit at a rate of 600 thousand roubles on grain purchase. It was supposed that the profit on crop sale will be spent for advantage of a temple. Grain have ostensibly sowed on a farm the Pokrovsk court yard which belongs to the brother of the accused. To pay the credit and percent on it mister Smetannikov could not, having declared to bankers that the crop was not born . About 200 thousand roubles it took under account warrants from church cash desk which, according to inspectors, has spent it is not known on what . As have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor, person on remand Smetannikov the fault did not recognise and, having used the constitutional law, evidence has refused. One of these days criminal case materials have arrived on consideration of Railway regional court. Besides, UBEP conducts one more check concerning mister Smetannikova - in one of Novosibirsk firms have found out ancient books on $1,5 million which, under the version of businessmen, they were handed over on realisation by the infamous priest. One of books belonged to the father of the wife of Pushkin Natalia Goncharovoj.
In a Novosibirsk diocese have appeared are not ready to comment on a situation with Victor Smetannikova`s attraction to court. Father Andrey Romashko answering in a diocese for communication with mass-media, has referred to strong employment from - for visit to Novosibirsk patriarch Alex II. According to the present prior of a temple Pokrova Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy of father Vladimir Manicheva, arrival till now not in forces to pay off with creditors of its predecessor. Will inform on a sentence.