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the Price of a technical error can be very high

Competitors PwC from the big five yesterday have refused to make comments on a situation round mutual relations of the multinational corporation and its auditor, having declared that have no the sufficient information. Representatives of domestic audit have appeared more talkative. during an epoch of high technologies the price of any technical error can be very high, - the company partner ` has declared Unikon ` Alexander Verenkov. - It is possible to remember, how in the beginning of 2000 of the action the Internet - companies MicroStrategy have fallen in the USA to 60 % after promulgation by magazine Forbes ` technical ` errors of the auditor. However, from errors nobody is insured, and ability them to recognise earlier, than they will be found out by others, speaks not only about care, but also about high qualification of the auditor firm caring of the reputation not less, than about affairs of the client . After events around Enron and Adersen the society had a prejudiced relation to an auditor trade, and it adds nervousness in work, - the operating partner of the company ` has declared Ruf - audit ` Alexey Ruf. - But, on the other hand, thanks to it all of us stand at a stage of revision of approaches to the maintenance of the financial reporting and the audit report maintenance. We understand investors who do not want to receive losses from - that one ` clever ` the bookkeeper has made the bad reporting, and another ` clever ` the auditor has drawn the positive conclusion on it . We will notice also that PwC not for the first time it is necessary to justify for the activity in Russia - to remember enough that recently fund Hermitage brought an action on PwC with the requirement to recognise obviously false its conclusion on check of mutual relations Gazprom with a group of companies Itera . However, this claim to fund it has been refused.