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America has put a veto for EU claims

Yesterday in Geneva the USA blocked the first inquiry of the European Union about creation of working group for complaint consideration about conformity of the American protective measures on steel import. On March, 7th the USA declared increase of tariffs for import of a steel to 30 % under the pretext of that import deliveries ostensibly threaten national manufacturers.
the European union has introduced inquiry after according to procedure of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has carried out consultations of the USA which have not brought any result. At session of Committee of the WTO on settlement of trading disputes the representative of EU has reminded that on joint consultations the European Union, Japan, South Korea, China, Switzerland and Norway have come to the general conclusion that protectionist measures of the USA on a steel contradict WTO requirements on protective measures also have called for their immediate cancellation. The European Union sees variety of infringements of agreements of the WTO about protective measures, and in its opinion, the USA simply force other world to pay off that the country has not spent structural reorganisation in the steel industry.
the representative of the USA has expressed a regret in connection with attacks to the American protective measures and has used the right of refusal to the first inquiry. It is decided that the Committee on settlement of trading disputes will gather on June, 3rd for special session. The procedural order of the WTO provides that at secondary inquiry the working group on complaint consideration is created automatically.
at the same session the representative of Japan who has supported inquiry of EU has acted and has presented own inquiry about creation of working group on consideration of the complaint to increase of the USA of tariffs for a steel. The representative of Japan also has expressed a wish to participate in this group under the complaint of EU as the third party. On June, 3rd the inquiry of South Korea about creation of the similar worker of group will be considered also. According to the representative of South Korea, once he already warned that measures of the USA can lead to a protectionism spiral. Judging by that variety of the countries was taken by the protective measures or repressive measures, the tendency will proceed.
really, business is not limited to words. The European union and Japan have notified the WTO on introduction since June, 11th of repressive measures against the USA. Acceptance of protective measures declared Brazil, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, China, Malaysia and Taiwan.
a number of the countries there have already begun consultations of EU on the protective measures accepted by it. China has notified the WTO on introduction of protective measures since May, 24th, however has informed that since May, 20th all import is released from action of any protective measures from developing countries. The greatest quantity of the countries declared that they are ready to wait till March, 20th, 2005, that is the expirations of time action as protective measures are calculated on term no more than three years. In particular, Norway, China and Switzerland have notified that will take repressive measures after March, 20th, 2005 or for the fifth day after acceptance by Committee on settlement of trading disputes of the decision under EU complaint.