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to the Apple there was no place to sit down

Young active workers have finished meeting in a lock-up
class struggle
Yesterday 11 active workers youth the Apple have gathered at a building of the Constitutional court and have supported that deputies of Council of federation on - former chose, instead of appointed. At the same time jablochniki wanted to transfer in court the complaint about infringement of their civil freedom. The meeting has outgrown in meeting and has ended nonconventionally for political actions of last time - youth have taken away in militia. However, without damage to health of participants.
picketers have gathered exactly at midday. Two from them held posters: elective Council, instead of club of puppets " is necessary To us;. First picketers behaved quietly, but then began to sound own slogans in a megaphone. When their voices have got stronger, to group jablochnikov the police officer has approached and has taken an interest: Who at you here the main? JAblochniki have tried was to pretend that have not noticed the curious militiaman, and continued to recite: you give elections in federation Advice! but the employee of bodies has shown persistence. Then picketers have explained that the main has gone inside, and they here wait for it . Journalists, having scented imminent conflict, began to be tightened more close. Photographers began to take of a convenient position.
but holding a meeting threats have not noticed. Pleased with attention of journalists, they began to explain that a present principle of formation of Council of federation - scandalous lawlessness breaking the rights of citizens. This information also has laid down in a basis of the statement of claim, which representative jablochnikov Ilya Yashin has incurred in court. It just left. The claim have accepted.
Here it became clear that the lonely representative of law-enforcement bodies has had time to contact colleagues on a portable radio set because the minibus which left the whole group of militiamen has approached on a building of the Constitutional court, having conceded in it places holding a meeting. Meeting has proceeded in a vehicle of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The militias pleased with attention active workers roared in all to a drink: you Give a freedom of speech! militiamen have tried was to forbid journalists to remove an event, but have made it muffledly, and journalists too were not frightened of them. The bus has gone in OVD China - a city .
Mister Yashin informed the correspondent on succession of events by a cellular telephone. us have brought to a site. We try to explain to militiamen that, according to Constitution article 31, we have a right to gather peacefully and without the weapon . But militiamen have not like and though have released jablochnikov On houses, but ordered to be again for the next day in a site, whence them will send in Basmanny Court of a city of Moscow.