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the Correction of mistakes

They sit in one building, at them the same business, a logo and almost identical names. But it is not simple two different companies are direct competitors. A green door with a dark blue signboard - Triza - the Personnel . Beige with yellow - Triza - Exclusive . When - that the company was one, was called an employment Society ` Triza ` also was the largest player in the market.

Trizu in the market did not love. Rekruteram its affinity to the Moscow committee of work and employment was not pleasant, employers complained of low quality of services, and journalists irritated too active PR - a policy of the company. And nevertheless Triza developed with great strides is there was the greatest company in the market. However its disorder did not become unexpectedness for anybody.

Work, the initiative, employment
Competitors named Trizu the Komsomol organisation and in it there was a big share of true. When - those its founders were Komsomol functionaries, and after reorganisation worked in a staff of shock Komsomol buildings of Central Committee VLKSM across Moscow and area the Youth initiative . The staff directed people under Komsomol permits on the industrial enterprises. then we have solved: and why not to earn on it money? - one of shareholders " tells; Trizy its former president George Pavlov . From the Youth initiative in 1989 the employment Society " has grown; Triza . The name was deciphered as work, the initiative, employment .
For all history at the company was six founders. According to some information, it is primary in Trizu Have enclosed $60 thousand At that time very few people knew that such recruiting, - some companies (" were engaged in it of all; the Anchor the Metropolis etc.) . But for Trizy they were not competitors. These companies selected the personnel for foreign firms and joint ventures, Triza searched for workers and secretaries for the Russian firms and manufactures. we rescued the Moscow industry from disorder - George Pavlov modestly speaks.
the company very much quick starts to make the profit. Orders were inexpensive, but on mass rekrutmente the big turns became. In 1991, according to Pavlova, under ten contracts the company delivered more than thousand workers.
popularity Trize the friendship with the Moscow committee of work and employment has brought also. So, quarterly together with committee the company arranged Fairs of vacancies . This noisy PR - the action not only did not cost Trize copecks (rent of premises, advertising in a press and release of brochures paid committee), but also allowed it to fill up a databank of competitors. According to the former vice-president and the shareholder of the company Vladislav Sedleneka , every fifth of come on fair was the quite good expert.
an aggressive advertising campaign, on which Triza spent 20 % of a turn, has born fruit - through two - three years after company occurrence on light knew all about it.

reproduction by division
In 1990 Triza the beginnings to breed . Vladislav Sedlenek : It was the original form of motivation - we have decided to create branches and to give to managers certain pieces of Moscow. Besides, reproduction there were the important tool ekspansionnoj politicians of the company. In Trize took a Moscow map, marked industrially developed areas, and then opened in them branches. With offices of problems was not: in 1990 George Pavlov became the deputy of the Moscow Council, and, as he said, Premises almost cost nothing .
every year Triza opened on the average on three new branches. On a set of people and their training left no more than month. At all branches Trizy there was a uniform accounts department, administration managerial control, the advertising budget and a database. The uniform price policy - 10 - 25 % from the annual salary of the candidate was declared also. Thus the client could address in agencies directly, passing management. Branches operated on the basis of self-financing, and everyone received the award which size depended on quantity of the executed orders.
at first to branches appropriated a name Triza and certain serial number, but then the company has changed the marketing policy. The matter is that Triza was reputed as the company working in the lowest to a niche, however she aspired to more solid clients and expensive orders. Therefore the part of agencies has been renamed: Grata the Professional and New time strenuously separated from the parent company. However, in this step Trize there was no sequence - a part of elite agencies all - taki have kept in the name a word Triza (for example, Triza - Exclusive which was positioned as the company on selection a top - managers).
By 1998 at Trizy there were 18 branches in Moscow, 135 partners in regions and more than 100 competitors in one only to capital. But the company advanced all. In 1997 in its staff worked nearby 300 persons who were carrying out in year of 6 thousand of orders. In first half 1998 - go the company has executed 4,5 thousand orders. The nearest competitor Trizy by quantity of the closed vacancies lagged behind it almost in 17 times. The company turn before crisis made $200 thousand a month.
Triza Reminded well dispersed car moving more likely by inertia. But it was clear that soon the car will stop: company business became big, slow and uncontrollable, and inside Trizy conflicts have begun.

all is uniform
the Uniform quality standard which declared a management Trizy it was not possible to support. By search a top - managers methods hedhantinga (direct search and peremanivanie) were used. Selection on the lowest and average positions was carried out total in the way - on interview to the client sent tens applicants, and the customer had to be engaged in selection independently.
perfection of technologies went very spontaneously - Svetlana Ivanov , the trustee and HR - the manager " considers ; Johnson and Johnson Russia the former director of agency Triza - Exclusive . Work maloprofessionalnyh agencies cast a shade on image of all Trizy . Julia Saharova , the general director of agency Empire of shots the former director of agency Triza #15 :
the Contribution of agencies to company business too was a miscellaneous. Approximately 40 - 50 % of a turn brought some elite agencies. they had fantastic turns, - Vladislav Sedlenek remembers. - Other branches brought a trifle and sometimes even worked in a zero . Unprofitable branches were supported at the expense of profitable, and it was not pleasant to directors of successful agencies. Svetlana Ivanov : We had high degree of independence. However different style of work of agencies and very big divergences in financial efficiency have led to split and almost full disintegration of the organisation.
the So-called uniform price policy too was not uniform. The plug in 15 - 25 % from the annual salary of the candidate gave the big open space for creativity managers. If one agency Trizy established to the client the maximum cost of the order, he could address there and then in another, and it agreed to work for a minimum. A dumping and peremanivanie clients at the colleagues of a steel in Trize an everyday occurrence. Julia Saharova : I was not agreed that agencies could select each other customers and be engaged in a dumping. Between managers disagreements have begun. Charges You at me have stolen the client sounded even more often.
Besides, Trize and it was not possible to create a uniform database. In management 15 operators on data input in the computer worked, but also they were not in time behind a huge stream of the resume. As a result each agency created own database which was not crossed with bases of other agencies.
general meetings of managers passed twice a week, but for an operational administration the company of it was insufficiently. Besides each of shareholders had agencies - favourites, and the question on development of uniform requirements led to disagreements between shareholders.
to summer of 1998 discontent of managers with administrative style Trizy began to accrue. Relations between shareholders whom by then remains two - George Pavlov and Vladislav Sedlenek, - too have started to spoil.

on the different parties of a partition
growth Peak Trizy has coincided with August crisis. And the company already had no time to solve old problems because there were new. Valery Lantsov , the director of agency New time (was a part " earlier; Trizy ) : After crisis in the company was the difficult period - non-payments of clients, absence of means for financing of business and etc. the Management Trizy has shifted all problems on shoulders of directors of agencies and has ceased to support. It was necessary to think over strategy, to rearrange financial and manpower resources. And at them no strategy existed. It is the administrative miscalculation. We have decided that it is not necessary to continue work in frameworks Trizy also have started to create own business. Agencies left structure Trizy together with clients and databases.
Vladislav Sedlenek : I have suggested to spend certification of employees, to get rid of all unprofitable divisions, to reduce number of agencies to three and to reduce by 90 % expenses on advertising. After certification it was found out that the majority of employees does not know that represents Triza in the market. Many have dismissed. To the middle of 1999 in structure Trizy remains three agencies and 30 employees.
expenses on advertising and did not cut down. Triza was, probably, the unique company rekruterskogo the market, giving advertising till spring of 1999.
in the meantime Pavels and Sedlenek have decided to disperse. George has convinced me that does not want to be engaged in this business - Vladislav Sedlenek tells. Founders have accepted wise the decision - to leave the identical rights to a brand Triza and to halve the only thing remained in the property of the company a premise.
Vladislav Sedlenek has started to create the company practically anew, and George Pavlov was engaged in the new project - the International youth chamber. George Pavlov : All 2000 I was engaged in chamber. When has returned, to me have told that Sedlenek has registered the company Triza - Exclusive Also supervises to it. I did not know about it.
Then Pavels has registered the company Triza - the Personnel has typed people and has started to work on other party of a partition. In its office the old signboard of the Society of employment " hangs; Triza he names itself(himself) its president, and the secretary answers phone calls: Hallo, it ` Triza ` .

the Same rake
I do not want to attack the same rake - Vladislav Sedlenek speaks. In the new company he has established the rigid price policy and control over sales - order cost defines management. The database too is created practically from zero.
to Breed Triza - Exclusive does not gather. Now in the company 10 advisers, as much assistants and five persons of administrative personnel, and it, according to Sedleneka work, there is quite enough. To take the partner from outside it too do not intend. I do not want to employ a top - the manager as he should be offered aktsionirovanie, differently it will leave together with clients. But it is impossible to give control levers, it is impossible for anybody to trust - all the same as a result there will be a conflict - tells Sedlenek. Therefore the second shareholder in the company - its near relation to whom he trusts.
George Pavlov has gone some other way. In Trize - the Personnel 18 persons work, but the company exchanges orders with the several agencies created with the assistance of Pavlova (that very much reminds the scheme of work old Trizy ) . He considers so: the basic error Trizy was that all agencies were in different places of Moscow. it was necessary to sit down all together on 2 thousand square metres, and all would be good. But, unfortunately, we could not find such premise - tells Pavels. He is going to create Uniform labour exchange - to have rooms more, to plant there a little different rekruterskih agencies and to do joint business.
George Pavlov likes to remember the Komsomol youth. the party was able to select shots - he speaks. Unfortunately, at Komsomol active workers it has not turned out not only to make on selection of shots correct business, but also competently to divide it. But Triza has executed other important mission - has fed the market shots. Many former employees of the company have created own rekrutingovye agencies or have headed personnel services of the western and Russian companies.