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If besides the address, phone and a fax you have decided to write on the card www. Mine - firm. ru prolistajte to begin with the book Management of the project on creation the Internet - a site . It will help you to avoid weight of errors - or in general to refuse the invention. On a question Why? VYACHESLAV of IONS answers .

Management of the project on creation the Internet - a site
Kovalev A, Kurdyumov I, etc.
M: Alpina Pablisher, 2001
Cover/ 337 with.

the Book is addressed first of all to those who has reflected for the first time on creation own the Internet - a site and, without having time to penetrate into essence of such disciplines, as Innovative management or Management of information systems Needs compact introduction in corresponding technologies, and also in practical recommendations. Among not numerous domestic publications work of Kovaleva, Kurdyumov and other authors is allocated for this theme with the methodicalness. It outlines a route - from work initiation on creation the Internet - a site before its end - also contains exhaustive instructions, explanatories and recommendations.
the reader will find here lists of the characteristic errors arising at various stages of creation the Internet - sites, the recommendation for choice the contractor, to calculation of cost of works, drawing up of contracts, definition of technical parametres of a site and etc. As a result the reader receives representation both about the Internet - environment as a whole, and about ways of use of a site as the tool for business dealing.
(the part 1) tells the First section of the book about things quite obvious, but why - that often lost sight, - that work on creation the Internet - a site begins at all with purchase of the computer and the invitation to work of the programmer. At first the deep analysis which will allow to define the purposes of creation of a resource and possible ways of their achievement is necessary. Having understood it, it is important to find out - and whether it is favourable to realise in general problems facing you by means of a network. Perhaps, simply enough to buy one more telephone line or to employ two - three couriers - and on it, by the way, to finish book reading? The following section of the book (2 - 5) is devoted a part business - to planning the Internet - projects which should not only be made without fail, but also not concede on quality and detail of study traditional business - to plans. Only after a documentation writing (business - the plan, the technical project and etc.) It is possible to pass to definition of a circle of executors and to begin work. Only in this case the Internet - a company site can become the important tool of increase of overall performance with buyers, suppliers, partners and even competitors.
and here on this place of the book (if all of you have made a choice in favour of the Internet, instead of) to stop already in any way it is impossible for an additional telephone line. Last section (6 - 7) tells parts that work at all does not come to an end on start the Internet - a site in operation. Before its owners there is a new problem - support and the development of a resource assuming information filling, work with visitors, advertising support, PR and many other things. It is necessary to be ready to that all should be engaged in it day by day throughout all term of existence of a site. Otherwise you have made a wrong choice.
Differently, the one who should be engaged in work on creation the Internet - a site, will find it more likely boring, uninteresting, full formalities and paper pachkotni . Paraphrasing classical saying, it is possible to tell that the success or failure of any the Internet - the project only on 1 % depends on idea which lies in its basis, and on the others of 99 % - from the efforts directed on its embodiment.