Rus News Journal

The highlight of the program

- Today - 19. 00 Main plot - Moscow prepares for visit of US president George Bush (George W. Bush). A genre - the reporting. On expression of the leader, Moscow worries hard day . In capital unprecedented security measures have been accepted. The correspondent: at hotel Marriott where spouses Bush, " will stop; it is not necessary to lift up a head in search of snipers on attics, it is necessary to believe - they there are . The left opposition at embassy of the USA quite traditionally according to the correspondent, cried out: the USA - the cud and pornography country also rushed on drivers of foreign cars. Far right at McDonald`s scanned: Bush, be cleaned!
- to conduct - 20. 00 Main plot - has begun visit to Russia US president. A genre - direct inclusion. Intonation - it is moderate - enthusiastic. The correspondent informs from airport Vnukovo - 2 that the plane of the American president has just landed. Further it is told about security measures in the Russian capital and about a protest action of communists before the American embassy. The basic political events preceding the summit are presented. Then the second direct inclusion from Vnukovo - 2 follows - ceremony of a meeting of the US president is shown.
- time - 21. 00 Main plot - at the governmental airport Vnukovo - 2 has landed the plane of the US president. A genre - the comment. Intonation - neutral. It is informed, in what sequence the American delegation left the plane. The author has especially noticed that the Russian side at a meeting represented vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin. Ceremony at airport Vnukovo - 2 is shown - hymns of two countries sound, a solemn march there pass a company of a guard of honour and a military orchestra.