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At the companies appetite

was played the number of merges and absorption
auditor company PricewaterhouseCoopers Grows Yesterday has presented the research of merges and absorption of the companies in countries of Eastern Europe. Following the results of 2001 Russia has appeared the leader on number and volume of such transactions.
According to research PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the total volume of transactions on merge and absorption of the companies concluded in countries of Eastern Europe in 2001, has made $16 billion From them in Russia has been declared 237 transactions in volume more than $6 billion On the second place there was Poland where 207 transactions in volume $5,6 billion
Thus in Russia the majority of such transactions have been concluded concluded the raw companies, and in the Eastern Europe - the companies from sphere of information technology, financial sector and the food-processing industry. According to the director for corporate finance PWC of Jurata Safarova, the majority of large acquisitions, merges and absorption in Russia have aggressive character that is peculiar to the next stage of repartition of the property. The most part of volume of all transactions is necessary on some largest Russian companies.
the average volume of the transaction in Russia has made $52 million while in other countries of Eastern Europe it has hardly reached $12 million One more feature of our country the geography of alliances is - 80 % from them are concluded in the country. Meanwhile in other countries of Eastern Europe this indicator makes 50 - 60 %, and in the USA - 40 - 50 %.
next year the number of the transactions directed on acquisition of the new enterprises, will increase only. After all while the volume of intercorporate transactions in Russia makes less than 1 % of gross national product, and, for example, in the European Union countries this indicator is close to 7 %. Increase of inflow of foreign investments into our country is Thus obvious. Last year growth of volume of direct foreign investments into Russia has made 7 %, and this year this indicator can grow on 40 %. And according to analysts, 30 - 40 % of the received means will be istracheny on absorption of competitors.