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The government has approved power strategy

Yesterday the government has approved Substantive provisions of Power strategy of Russia for the period till 2020. The document has not caused special discussion - have decided that it will finish till October. But one government has solved firmly: from the prices regulated by the state in a power market it is necessary to pass gradually to the free market.
with the report on Substantive provisions of Power strategy at session the deputy minister of power Vladimir Milov has acted. But as concrete indicators in it were absent, the hall listened to the lecturer easy, but without special enthusiasm. And here the first deputy minister of Energy Ivan Matlashov who has acted as trace has caused much bigger revival. It has opened interesting figures. Reference points of development Russian TEKa at mister Matlashova have turned out such: for the forthcoming incomplete twentieth anniversary the general growth of power consumption in Russia will grow on 22 - 36 %; And by kinds of fuel the picture will look as follows: a share of consumption of gas - on 18 - 24 %, oil products - on 36 - 53 %, coal - on 33 - 70 %, and an electricity developed by atomic engineering, - in 1,4 - 1,6 times. As a result the gas share in structure of primary resources will decrease, including in electric power industry, from 64 % to 57 - 50 %. It has depicted and some priorities: for example, in oil export Russia is well presented only in Europe, and a step on the East it is not made yet, and to do it it is necessary, the first deputy minister has specified. The similar step, in its opinion, is interfaced to necessity of support by the government of civil-engineering designs of pipelines and seaports at once in three directions: southern, severo - western and Far East.
Meanwhile the main conclusion, according to mister Matlashova to whom have come in the Department of Energy during work on the document, - gradual transition from the prices regulated by the state in the power market (and, as consequence of it, the compelled application of administrative measures of influence on the company) to the market free. The uniform fuel balance which should find also the legislative status should become the basic tool of a transition period on a plan of authors of strategy.
prospects of the free market of energy carriers were made comments yesterday by two ministers: the curator of working out of strategy Minister of Energy Igor Jusufov and the Minister of economic development and trade and inveterate market expert Herman Gref. The head of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has declared that in long-term prospect the state plans to keep control over the prices for gas only for consumers of strategic directions that is bjudzhetopoluchatelej: for army, medicine and formation. The others will buy gas (however, as well as oil, coal and an electricity) at market prices at stock exchanges. If to glance further away, that, the minister has assumed, someone will drop out in due course of this list and will get to the category normal consumers . But there will be it, apparently, not soon - exact date mister Jusufov did not name and at all has not specified, when there will be a long-awaited concept of the Russian market of gas, - has told only that the document will develop. And here the head of Ministry of economic development and trade has made bold to specify terms of occurrence of the free market of energy carriers: under its forecast, it can really be generated not earlier than through 10 - 15 years. At the same time mister Gref on the threshold of the summit of Russia - the European Union has hastened to cool too hot Europeans who demand from Russia to make even the domestic prices for gas, coal and an electricity to the European. Any uniform tariff with Europe at Russia, mister Gref is assured, cannot be: The price of power resources, in - the first, is defined at stock exchanges, and in - the second, distance in Russia not those. on delivery gas from Siberia to Europe its price, of course, will be above, than in the Siberia - it has explained. Also has promised that this year in Russia gas will rise in price no more than for 30 % (indexation on 20 % already was in February), and an electricity - for 2 - 3 % (20 - percentage indexation has taken place in March).