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Lionel Jospin has handed over affairs to the secretary

to Sotspartiju will head Francois Olland
elections in France
the New leader of socialists of France after leaving from Lionelja Jospin`s big-times politics there is a secretary sotspartii to Francois Olland. After painful defeat on presidential election socialists are full of determination to win on parliamentary in June and to keep the majority in Legislative Assembly, and together with it and a post of the prime minister.
defeat of socialist party in the first round of presidential election has marked crash of political career of Lionelja Jospin (Lionel Jospin). Soon after announcement of results of elections he declared the leaving from a big-times politics right after the terminations of the second round (on May, 5th). Having incurred responsibility for defeat of socialists, mister Jospin has thanked all Frenchmen voting for him in the first round, and has urged them to prepare for parliamentary elections coming in June. Ljubovno called by Frenchmen SHispen - Zhosrak The sheaf the right president - the left prime minister has disappeared.
and the new head sotspartii there was its first secretary, 47 - summer Francois Olland (Francois Hollande). Faithful supporter Lionelja Jospin, mister Olland in 1995 has headed a press - service of socialists, and with appointment of mister Jospin as the prime minister in 1997 became the secretary sotspartii. Now it should mobilise all forces of the colleagues to try to keep the majority in national assembly (elections in the French parliament will pass on June, 9th and 16).
While mister Olland from a name sotspartii has urged Frenchmen to vote for Jacque Chirac (Jacques Chirac) not to start up to the power of nationalists. we know that Jacque Chirac our contender, but we realise and that Jean - Mari Le of Foams represents danger to republic - so he has explained the party decision.
a problem standing today before Francois Ollandom, difficult. On the one hand, the first round of presidential election has shown that support left from voters has not decreased - in total all left candidates have typed 44 %, that is almost as much, how many on parliamentary elections five years ago. With another, in the left camp there were serious changes - positions of extremists (for three candidates - trotskisty have typed over 11 %) have amplified, the parties entering into the governmental coalition (they have lost 9 % in comparison with elections of 1997) are weakened. And popularity of Communist Party of France led by Roberom JU (Robert Hue) has fallen very low - communists have typed only 3,4 %.
If it will be possible to return to mister Ollandu for one and a half month which has remained before parliamentary elections to socialists of the voters who have left to extremists, sotspartija has every chance to keep the parliamentary majority. And in this case Francois Olland can hold a post of the prime minister and sadden to Jacque Chirac and the second presidential term.