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Businessmen undertake to manage justice

judicial reform
Yesterday the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) and Trading - industrial chamber (TPP) have made an attempt to unite against the judicial power. Businessmen have converged that the state judges need to oppose elective and to organise courts independent of the state as it was already made by criminal groupings.
presidents RSPP and TPP Arcady Volsky and Evgenie Primakov concluded the alliance yesterday to spend joint conference on problems of the arbitration courts. Mister Volsky promised participation of oligarchs, and mister Primakov has given a hall in building TPP. A hall - that Evgenie Primakov has given, but has at the last moment remembered that should fly to Kaliningrad on the international conference the Kaliningrad region - new prospects . Therefore Arcady Volsky had to open conference in loneliness. The promised lecturers - oligarchs, the head of Alpha bank of Michael Friedman and the general director Incorporated machine-building factories Kaha Bendukidze during that moment were absent.
Arcady Volsky has explained a meeting theme carefully: rapid growth Is observed has put in arbitration courts and courts of law . By its calculations, it is necessary to pass in the state courts of about six instances, after which passage the sense of dispute is lost, and the businessman appears the bankrupt . Also there is it for the clear all reasons which necessity to open " is not present;.
the Reasons were opened by Kaha Bendukidze who with delay, but all - taki has arrived in TPP to Ilyinka: the Authority of the state arbitration courts has catastrophically fallen, as their decision can be bought . By its calculations, the judge costs from $1 thousand to some tens thousand, depending on inflation in different regions . In such situation mister Bendukidze has called justice to manage to businessmen . Similar experience is used for a long time already by criminal groupings, mister Bendukidze has shared the supervision: There only two instances... the first, possibly, an arrow the second - a bullet.
for performance of a problem of increase of authority of legal proceedings, according to mister Bendukidze, is better the arbitration courts as they are created by businessmen who voluntary agree on submission of the competence of the arbitration court chosen by them approach. In the West, for example, for infringement of such decisions of the company are exposed to general boycott.
Arcady Volsky has sighed: In RSPP the arbitration court is created in 1999, but we cannot brag of special achievements . And the chairman of arbitration court TPP has complained that businessmen seriously do not perceive not numerous operating arbitration courts. Businessmen have dispersed, having decided to lobby more actively the law About the arbitration courts in the State Duma, zavisshy since 1998.

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