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Muscovites put on advertising

reklamonositeljami there are benches
the tender
Yesterday management on affairs of outdoor advertising of the government of Moscow has published results of the first tender for working out and realisation advertising design - projects of street furniture. The right to arrange Moscow advertising benches has got to the company Agency of marketing support which is almost unknown in the capital market of outdoor advertising. However it disturbs the basic players a little. They prepare for the second tender on which more attractive objects will be played.
in January of this year there was a governmental order of Moscow according to which the quantity krupnoformatnoj (panel board) advertising should be reduced to 20 %. First of all (till May, 30th) boards in the size 36 m within the Garden ring, and also on the basic highways - the Leningrad highway, Leninsk and Kutuzovsky prospectuses are subject to reduction.
However all it does not mean that authorities of the capital are ready to lose money which are brought to the city budget by outdoor advertising (total amount of this segment of the market - $150 million a year). In April the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has let out the order, ordering to establish in capital of a bench, an urn, post booths, toilets and other small advertising forms. The first competition - on working out design - the project of advertising benches, their installation and advertising sale - has passed yesterday. It has not caused a special agiotage - in the advertising companies have decided that the area skameechnoj advertising is rather insignificant. In management on affairs of outdoor advertising of the government of Moscow to the correspondent have informed that only two companies participated in competition - the unconditional leader of the market of outdoor advertising company News Outdoor and not known to any of the interrogated participants of the market of outdoor advertising Agency of marketing support .
the Last was preferred also by the tender commission. Not last role in it Yury Luzhkov`s participation has played. In April at the order About measures on development of the city program of placing of designs of street furniture with advertising surfaces he recommended to accept agency offers on creation of a network of designs of the street furniture placed in streets and highways of a city, in transitive both park zones and various formats having special advertising surface .
I have been very surprised, when have heard the company name - the winner - the general director of firm " has informed the correspondent; Belief - the Olympus Sergey Dymov. However, participants of the market do not do of this decision of tragedy. use of benches in quality reklamonositelja - not the most perspective direction. This competition was not included into strategic plans of our company, - Maxim Tkachev, the director of company News Outdoor has declared. - Quite I suppose that the small company could work seriously a question and present the competitive offer .
Business, most likely, that participants of the market of outdoor advertising the following tender much more interests: competition on working out and realisation of projects of public toilets, post booths, urns and telephone automatic machines on June, 20th will take place. in this tender, certainly, all basic players of the given market will take part. However, I not absolutely understand, for what projects from them wait, while competition conditions are extremely indistinct - Vladimir Pantjuhin, the chairman of committee on outdoor advertising of the Russian association of advertising agencies (RARA) considers.
In management on outdoor advertising of Moscow have informed what to participate in competition already have expressed desire of 16 companies. Obviously, in the advertising companies understand that struggle not only for momentary projects, but for prospect. maloformatnaja advertising was extended in the world from the end 40 - h years. Today in the USA is about 90 thousand advertising surfaces of a small format. In their Great Britain it is a little less - 65 thousand, including 20 thousand in London. Thus on a share of such carriers 30 % of the English market of outdoor advertising are necessary. In Russia this figure twice is less - an order of 15 %.