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Insurgents have recovered helicopter pilots

to exchange for the
Yesterday again there was an information that helicopter Mi crew - 24, gone in the Chechen Republic on February, 3rd this year, probably, is live. Insurgents of Jordanian Abu - al - Valida have repeated the requirements to the federal centre to exchange pilots for 50 captured insurgents. However, according to a management of the Federal frontier service if the helicopter crew was live, insurgents would present more weighty acknowledgement to it.
requirements about an exchange of crew of Mi - 24 on captured insurgents have appeared about two months ago. Insurgents of emir Abu - al - Valida have put forward to the federal party the ultimatum: release 50 detained Chechens - receive live companions. The proof of that pilots are at insurgents, there were documents of crewmen of Mi - 24: their copies have been placed on site Kavkaz. org. However any other data confirming that officers are live, insurgents have not presented. Military men, having considered that documents have come into the hands of insurgents already after destruction of pilots, to statements of gangsters have not believed. However, even if would believe leave on possible thieves could not. According to director FPS the Russian Federation Konstantin Totsky, insurgents have not presented any threads to contact field commander Abu - al - Validom .
Term of the ultimatum shown by insurgents, has expired on May, 20th. It meant that even if pilots were live, after May, 20th of chances of their rescue actually does not remain. However yesterday it became known about new contacts of insurgents to a federal management.
Videorecording with requirements of insurgents has appeared in administration of the Chechen Republic the day before. Insurgents have stated the former requirements - to release at first 10 captured insurgents in exchange for the videorecording confirming that officers are live, and then to release 40 more gangsters in exchange for pilots. That proof that pilots are at insurgents of Abu - al - Valida, the last have promised to present: one of approached Abu - al - Valida field commander Dzhaber ostensibly has already sent to Georgia for the subsequent transfer to the Russian side corresponding video data.
Aslan Maskhadov`s representative in Georgia Hizir Aldamov has informed that gangsters of Abu - al - Valida have no relation to official Ichkeria: We never operated with such methods, our methods are extremely opened and lawful. Who such Abu - al - Valid? Who grants to it the right to provoke the Chechen people? Chechens have no relation because Maskhadov has rigidly condemned similar tricks " already enough to these statements;.
In turn, management FPS has informed that though pilots and are not deleted from lists live Hopes that they are live, remains very little - differently the insurgents ostensibly keeping hostages, would leave any zatsepki for contact adjustment. According to director FPS Konstantin Totsky, the statement of insurgents of Abu - al - Valida - no more than attempts to discredit FPS that the society had an impression that the federal centre does not want an exchange of pilots for insurgents. if there was such possibility (an exchange.-), we, certainly, would go on it - the general Totsky has declared.