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the Leader of world tourism looks narrowly at the Russian market
Yesterday to Moscow the delegation of German corporation Preussag Group to which posesses leaders of world tourist business - German tourist`s camera company TUI Group and English Thomson Travel Group has arrived. Under data, a visit overall objective - preparation for an exit on the Russian market on which the international tourist`s camera companies are not presented yet.
Preussag Group comes to Russia not for the first time, however present visit differs from previous extraordinary representative structure of delegation - councillors of directors of group for the first time enter into it. They while refuse official comments, but as it became known, in plans Preussag Group a meeting with a management of some the Russian companies, in particular the centre of financial operations (TSFO) Tantema .
In the end of the last year TSFO Tantema Has bought some the Russian travel agencies (Destinations of the World, the Lagoon - round and a network of tourist agencies Where. ru ) Expecting to create on their base the tourist holding largest in the country. A management Tantemy has declared desire within the next one and a half years to direct on development of this direction of business rather essential investments to the Russian measures - $10 million
All it means that in Preussag Group seriously reflect on an exit on the Russian market. And if the German company makes scale attempt of a gain of the Russian tourist`s market, difficult it is necessary even to leaders of domestic tourist industry. The markets of countries of Eastern Europe have been grasped by this giant without the big problems during one - two seasons: local travel agencies have appeared are incapable to compete with TUI which owns hotels worldwide (see the inquiry) and can conclude thanks to huge volumes of operations favourable contracts with hotels and airlines.
The Russian travel agencies should reflect, - Irina Hodakova, the president of the tourist`s camera company ` has declared to the correspondent Fransturs + `. - If Germans are really ready on serious financial investments that during the first season to grasp a considerable part of the market, very many Russian travel agencies can go bankrupt for one summer .
Heads of the companies entering into a three of leaders of domestic tourist industry to panic nevertheless are not inclined. to change a situation in the Russian tourist`s market the next two years to Germans precisely it will not be possible, - Alexander Sinigibsky, the general representative of the company ` considers Tez round ` in Russia. - specificity of the Russian tourist`s market very strongly differs from western that gives to our tourist`s businessmen weight of competitive advantages .
the president of the company " adheres to Similar opinion also; Natali turs Vladimir Vorobev. To Russia, on supervision of mister Vorobeva, 50 % of operations go In black . Investments into such business are in advance doomed to a failure, - he believes. - TUI Group already tried to work in Russia, but has been compelled to leave: the company belonging to it ` Ultramar - the express train ` was closed still in the middle of 90 - h .