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In Great Novgorod as though war

the Ministry of Emergency Measures the emergency situation
in Great Novgorod spends on May, 28th doctrines
the three-day All-Russia have begun is command - staff doctrines of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. Rescuers led by Minister of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu should be engaged mass immunization of the population (in transfer from the official language - inoculations), and also evacuation of monuments of culture in connection with transition to a wartime. Doctrines of such scale were not spent in the country since 1990.
as have informed in central administrative board on affairs GO and CHS to the Novgorod region, doctrines are spent according to the plan of the basic actions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. During doctrines working off of theoretical and practical questions on transfer of forces of civil defence of the Novgorod region into a wartime will be spent. Arrival of mister Shojgu in Great Novgorod is expected on May, 29th, and the day before to Great Novgorod there has arrived its assistant the general - colonel Gennady Kirillov. Under its direct control has passed the first day of doctrines to which time in one of the Novgorod hospitals it was spent mass immunization of the population with a view of prevention of flashes of six especially dangerous diseases - in particular, plagues.
on May, 29th operative workers will fulfil actions on a case of mass infection of people the Siberian ulcer and to simulate rescue of monuments of history and culture of Novgorodchiny from external influences, whether it be bacteriological, chemical or any other weapon. As the chairman of committee of culture has specified, cinema and tourism of the Novgorod region Yury Shubin, the Novgorod monuments share on three categories of value. The monuments concerning the first and second categories, are subject to evacuation in case of wartime approach, the others - to storage in a museum.
the core indicative taktiko - the special doctrine is planned for May, 30th. This day not completed building of the Novgorod factory the Planet As though will fail. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures together with medical and under abnormal condition - saving brigades will fulfil skills of the help to the victim: analysis of blockages, extraction of people from - under fragments, rendering of the first medical aid.
during doctrines it is supposed to fulfil also actions of field services at liquidation of failure with emission of chemically dangerous substances. In the Novgorod region there is the largest manufacturer of mineral fertilizers in the country - chemical industrial complex Akron therefore it decided to spend doctrines on its base. In doctrines it will be involved gazospasatelnyj group Akron . It is supposed to simulate also failure on kommunalno - power networks, a grandiose fire, rescue of victims from the top floors of buildings, search and neutralisation of explosive subjects, for example, Great Patriotic War times. By the way, only from the beginning of 2002 in territory of the Novgorod region it was revealed and it is destroyed 1687 shells and bombs of that time.
actions of such scale were not spent in the country since 1990. Representatives of Severo are involved in doctrines - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, the central command point of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, 346 - j the saving centre deployed in the city of Kolpino of Leningrad region, central administrative board on affairs GO and CHS the Novgorod region, a brigade first aid sanitary teams, saving and fire formations.

MARINA - GOLUBEVA, Great Novgorod