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Tabachniki has approved the excise

Despite protests of the western manufacturers
Yesterday in Moscow the extraordinary meeting of association " has taken place; Tabakprom uniting the largest manufacturers of cigarettes. Despite protests of three western tobacco companies (Philip Morris, Japan Tobacco and Gallaher), the meeting overwhelming majority of voices has supported the government initiative on introduction since 2003 of the mixed rate of collection of the excise.
for today the excise rate on tobacco products represents the fixed size for 1000 pieces (so-called specific system of the taxation). For example, the majority of cigarettes with the filter 39,2 rbl. for 1000 pieces are assessed with the rate. Cigarettes without the filter are assessed with the excise at a rate of 11,2 rbl. for 1000 pieces. According to amendments to the Tax code, with the brought government in the State Duma and approved in the first reading, from next year in Russia the mixed rate of excises on tobacco products will operate. For cigarettes with the filter it makes 50 rbl. for 1000 pieces plus of 5 % from cost price, for cigarettes without the filter - 19 rbl. for 1000 pieces plus of 5 %. The mixed system of collection of excises is favourable to the Russian tobacco factories, and also British American Tobacco. On preservation of the specific rate insist Philip Morris, JTI and Gallaher.
As a matter of fact, results of meeting were known long before its beginning. Supporters of the mixed rate of the excise at the expense of small Russian factories in Tabakprome the overwhelming majority. Moreover, in April of 18 factories - members Tabakproma Have written the post card in which have expressed support to the governmental variant of the excise taxation of branch and have offered the variant of a parity specific and advalornoj to an excise component.
therefore most of all experts reaction " interested; minority - Philip Morris, JTI and Gallaher. Many came out with the assumption that someone from them will undertake reciprocal steps up to an exit from association. The matter is that on a share of these companies it is necessary more than 40 % of the market, and their representatives specified time and again that the consolidated position Tabakproma (that is, as a matter of fact, to all branch) cannot contradict interests of so large companies.
however all has passed rather easy. Supporters of preservation of the specific rate have noticed that taking into account opposite sights at an excise problematics of association it would be better to state at all to the position and to adhere to a neutrality. Besides, it has been specified in a number of procedural infringements by consideration of this question. Any reaction, however, on it has not followed.
as a result of 18 factories 3 factories (" have voted for support of the mixed system; Krasnodartabakprom belonging Philip Morris, Petro belonging JTI and Liggett - Ducat which belongs Gallaher) - have voted against. Representatives of the manufacturer of tobacco raw materials Kres - Neva and Reemtsma - Volga (Reemtsma) have refrained. The position representative Reemtsma which concerned earlier supporters of specific rates, has explained to that the company does not object to the mixed rates, however it is necessary to wait a little with their introduction.
thus, formally branch at last - that has developed the consolidated position on taxation system on what so deputies of the State Duma insisted several months ago. Another matter as this position will be apprehended - after all unities of opinions on an excise question among tabachnikov both was not, and is not present.