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Anatoly Bykova`s lawyer was tired to protect

But court proceeds
judicial debate
In Petty-bourgeois intermunicipal court of Moscow yesterday debate on business of the former head of Krasnoyarsk aluminium factory of Anatoly Bykova accused of preparation of attempt at murder has proceeded. Its lawyer Henry Padva yesterday acted.
Before debate with the small statement Anatoly Bykov for whom the day before the state accuser has demanded the nine-year conclusion has acted. the court should justify me, - he has told. - but it is insulting, if it is not Russian court (a hint on the European court under human rights.-). And in general, it only the beginning of struggle against those who has grasped Krasnoyarsk region! at this time judge Vladimir Nikitin who has asked to speak to Henry Padve has entered into a boardroom.
I with heavy heart start performance of the duties, - there has begun the lawyer. - we did not expect such biassed and prejudiced performance of a state accuser. After he has asked for my client of nine years of imprisonment in a high security colony, we stay in a state of shock. Nevertheless I want to tell that I will not ask court about indulgence or to give it is less. To me it is very strange that the public prosecutor Svetlana Yemelyanov has not subjected to the analysis qualification of charge. ` Attempt `, according to the law, it when the person, let us assume, wanted someone to kill, but could not. Has missed. And here if also it is possible to speak, only about crime preparation. But also in this case it is possible to talk about half of maximum term, that is five years only. Whence nine? However, we even would disagree with this charge .
Further Henry Padva throughout five hours proved, why its client is innocent. In its opinion, the conversation recording between mister Bykovym, not taken place killer Alexander Vasilenko and the deputy of the State Duma Vladislav Dyomin which has laid down in a basis of arrest and charge of the defendant, is not the proof of its fault. Record incomplete, with traces of stops, as was established by experts. Besides, in business there is no court decision about authorisation of listening of telephone conversations of Anatoly Bykova and its companions. Though their decodings are enclosed to business materials. One more infringement of the law Henry Padva named that understood, taking part in investigatory actions, were drunk.
the lawyer has asked court to concern Alexander Vasilenko`s all indications critically. This person, under the version of the investigation, should kill businessman Vilora Struganova on the instructions of Bykova, - mister Padva has continued. - But Vasilenko it is impossible to trust. It gave a little absolutely opposite indications on sense: That asserted that should kill, has declared that has stipulated Bykova. It is obvious that Vasilenko lies and spins any intrigues. And now he runs across Europe not from - for fear to Bykovu, and from - for revenges of special services by which up to the end has not been betrayed. Therefore I suggest court not to take into account its statements. It will be objectively .
In six evenings Henry Padva has stopped. I was very tired, though have read hardly more half of performance, - he has declared and, addressing to the judge, has continued: - Probably, and you has tired. Let`s transfer session . - Is not present - is not present! - Vladimir Nikitin has reacted. - it is interesting to court and it is useful to hear your in-depth study . Debate will proceed on Thursday.