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Moscow remains not counted

How to copy visitors of capital, nobody knows
Yesterday in the Moscow house of nationalities has passed a round table on a theme Census - 2002: problems of preservation of ethnic variety of Moscow . Following the results of a round table it became obvious that the ethnic variety of capital will remain, but count visitors of capital copyists cannot.
on a round table the management of the Moscow house of nationalities has invited representatives of Mosgorkomstata, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of capital, committee of public and regional communications of the government of Moscow and heads of the national public centres of Moscow. After half-hour speech of the vice-president of committee of public and regional communications of the government of Moscow Victor Polunin about importance of forthcoming census it became clear that participants of a meeting not only do not know how to involve in census of representatives of other nationalities, but even precisely do not know, what representatives of nationalities are in Moscow.
by estimations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 1,5 to 3 million persons of 160 nationalities are in Moscow illegally. As a rule, the people coming to capital on earnings, have no registration and work illegally. And, naturally, superfluous contacts to the authorities of capital do not want to have. Therefore now illegal immigrants who are necessary for copying for finding-out of exact quantity of visitors and updating of a migratory policy of capital became the basic problem for the commission on carrying out of the All-Russia population census.
We assume that very many people will not want to open a door to the copyist, - has told on ` a round table ` vice-president Mosgorkomstata Natalia Larionov. - but we will try to explain to them that the residence permit and their income us do not interest, we need number of citizens of other nationalities to have an objective picture and to find out at last the present number of illegal migrants . Everything doubt success of similar explanations, and even Natalia Larionov who participated in the trial census spent in Preobrazhenskiy area of capital. on one of the markets where we tried to spend census, the director has refused to help us, therefore there it was not possible to copy any person - Larionov`s madam fairly admitted.
on a question on that, how the commission on census carrying out is going to explain to representatives of other nationalities necessity to be copied Anybody from participants of a meeting could not answer. here all will depend on how the management of the illegal immigrants will concern us, granting as it the right for itself to work. We very much count on the help of these people - Natalia Larionov has told. Any concrete programs at Mosgorkomstata in this respect it is not provided.