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Permanent scenery

the Museum Arkhangelsk shows Petro Gonzaga
manor theatre
the Well-known memorial estate situated near Moscow Arkhangelsk has arranged dramatized public relations - the action: has invited journalists to excursion on farmstead theatre and has shown the performance devoted to the artist of this theatre Petro Gonzaga. Makes comments on an observer the NOVEL - DOLZHANSKY.
Performance Music for eyes, or sound Geometry play a farmstead temple - a tomb. Fragments from an essay of Petro Gonzaga, data from its biography and an aria from ancient operas are transformed in hour musically - a drama composition. In a temple wonderful acoustics, destiny of the well-known set dresser and the architect is freakish, and the string quartet does not prevent to think of the. Anybody also is not going to judge a show under laws city theatre: Svetlana Silantevoj`s project is called Farmstead theatre And the museum management bears plans to make this representation by an excursion part during which time it would be possible to see an interior remarkable jusupovskogo theatre and scenery of Petro Gonzaga - the unique remained works of the well-known Italian, it is more than 30 years worked at Russian court yard.
performance, however, should wait still for a long time before it can become the appendix to theatre visiting. Because in a theatrical building there is a repair. Journalists disappointedly went on building, and employees of a museum explained to them that neujut reconstruction actually - the big pleasure because its beginning means that it all - taki will be finished. Who was in Arkhangelsk before reconstruction, for certain remembers wonderful space of theatre Gonzaga constructed almost 200 years ago to arrival to Moscow of tsar Alexander I. The main problem, however, not with theatre, and with scenery. 16 plus still a curtain there was no time them, and Gonzaga dreamt of representation in which live actors would not participate, and action would consist in consecutive change of picturesque prospects.
when the theatre will be ready, the management of a museum wants to show there copies of four remained cloths and to arrange mini - performances, the blessing an ancient machinery has remained not bad. It is impossible to use unique originals: they rise in the manner of the French curtains and that happens with the glutinous painting which has worried the Soviet power after pair sessions it is easy to imagine. To hold treasures in a store room too as - that is silly. Therefore the museum dreams to construct depozitary in which it would be possible to expose originals of Gonzaga while copies would work on a scene.
anything, except money, for realisation of this project it is not required. On a question of the correspondent, how many, as a matter of fact, it is required to a museum on all about all - both the farmstead house, and theatre, director Vladimir Dlugach admitted: $20 million and years five works to builders and restorers.