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High school have subjected to check

Almost half of pupils does not understand, to that they are learnt
Yesterday at session of board by officials from the Ministry of Education and members of presidium of the Russian Academy of Education brought preliminary results of experiment on perfection of structure of the general education. Following the results of meeting officials have decided to enter foreign languages and computer science into the obligatory program of elementary school.
we will remind that experiment on improvement of quality of formation has begun this educational year in 76 regions. It is calculated for seven years. At the first stage the first and tenth classes participated in experiment about 2 thousand schools, in total 178 thousand persons only. An experiment essence - detailed monitoring of formation, the purpose - to understand that it is necessary to add in the obligatory program of training.
For example, it is necessary to define, under what basic plan to learn schoolboys (now their three on a choice) how to enter profile school, and eventually to understand, how to unload pupils and to keep their health.
now, it agree to the monitoring data, 10 % of pupils of elementary school and 40 % - senior do not acquire an elementary school material. And more than 50 % not in a condition to analyze read in textbooks. As to health of pupils, that, according to the director of Institute of age physiology of Marjany Armless, among them has five times increased quantity of diseases endokrinnoj systems. However, direct dependence of a state of health on quantity of lessons is not present, without considering, of course, nervous breakdowns and mental diseases from - for constant poor progresses. However, according to the madam Armless if, for example, thoughtlessly to enter in the second class an additional lesson of the same foreign language as a result pupils will have problems with reading and the letter in a native language. The mechanism of such modernisation of the program on board to discuss not steels, but have stopped on a question of duration of lessons at elementary school - 45 or 35 minutes have as a result charged to solve to its physiologists.
despite unfavourable results of the first stage of experiment, officials are satisfied by them. As for the first time in Russia it was possible to develop so scale monitoring and to learn about real desires and possibilities of teachers, pupils and even their parents. After processing of the received data also it has been decided to introduce in the program foreign languages and computer science - from the second class of elementary school. The question as this decision is combined with wishes not to load pupils excessively, remained opened.