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Sound to the touch

In Petersburg music
In Petersburg has acted legendary udarnitsa Ivlin Glenni
festival the festival " has begun; the Musical Olympus - annual parade of winners of the international musical competitions. However not newly-baked winner, and " was the protagonist of a concert - opening; the special visitor - world famous udarnitsa from Scotland Ivlin Glenni. In competitions, however, never the participating. At a concert ANNA - PETROV has visited the correspondent.
for seven years the Musical Olympus a child of the musical manager of Irina Nikitinoj, has proved as action worthy, qualitative, with the distinct concept, simultaneously artless and safe. Week the Petersburg public will get acquainted with the new heroes of the musical market who has recently appeared in the international orbit under a title n - the award n - go competition .
Musical competition - the phenomenon virtuous and vicious by the nature. As compare art individualities of the participants, one judges know. However competition, the supplier of new names and the generator of performing stamps, became for a long time inevitable point of the biography of each executor respecting: the rare musician, hoping to draw to itself attention of agents, producers, sound recording firms, presumes not to participate to itself in competitions.
a musical Olympus concerns all forums with identical respect, inviting winners from all continents. an Olympus - festival performing that is why its programs is entirely concerts for the soloist with an orchestra where the winner shines with virtuosity, and collectives of a city accompanying it no more than are correct (at opening played Hermitage Kamerata under control of Sauljusa Sondetskisa). To recover anaemic academism of the program legendary Glenni (Evelyn Glennie) has been called. After the soloist of the first branch, blond skripachki from the republic of South Africa Zoes Bajers (Zoe Beyers), the first winner of national South African competition strunnikov UNISA, Lalo showing in the Spanish symphony the faultless technics, an elastic volume sound, but languid temperament (nevertheless a symphony - Spanish, instead of Greenland!) Occurrence of Glenni was like a flaw.
the listener yours faithfully takes into consideration that in repertoire udarnitsy more than 2000 products executed by it on ten of tools, are written down 15 disks, received three the Grammy 100 concerts in a year are given, modern composers are happy to present it the opuses specially written for it, the name of the musician names concert halls, schools and cars, yet stolbeneet from the fact: Ivlin Glenni almost hears nothing . It is difficult to believe In it, but game of Glenni convinces that she hears qualitatively differently - much more sharply, is more shrill, more brightly, perceiving a sound all six feelings, where intuition and touch on the first place. Whether it concerns with sticks of a ringing vibraphone, executing own transposition of Flejtovogo of a concert of Vivaldi or is mysterious - a booming marimba in the play of Japanese Abe (Abe) the Way Or scatters dry fraction on a small drum, passing from deafening peals of thunder to hardly audible rustle of a rain in the Concert for a small drum with an orchestra of Massona (Masson), in all the triumph of the internal refined and tempted hearing over rough materiality of fluctuations is obvious: dynamics scale finds fantastic gradation, and currents of internal movement are so strong that take down the hypnotised orchestra not keeping up with this rate.
if Beethoven and Sour cream perceived the illness which has comprehended them as torture, Ivlin - by no means: it radiates infectious pleasure from performance. The tiny woman in east a suit with a flowing hair (moreover and barefooted!) It is slightly similar on shamanku, starting talking on a scene sacral tools with a smile jasnovidjashchej. It leads up the recipes entrusted it to ritual formulas, plunging public into an empathy and surprise trance. Even if it could not feel to the full the decibels shaking the Big hall of a philharmonic society, a similar ovation standing these walls did not see for a long time already.